Department of Marine Science and Technology IPB University Received Benchmarking Visit from Unsrat

Department of Marine Science and Technology (ITK), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) IPB University received a benchmarking visit from Sam Ratulangi University (Unsrat), Manado, (30/11). The activity was attended by some IPB University stakeholders, some of them were Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs FPIK IPB University, Dr I Wayan Nurjaya, Head of ITK Department, Dr Hawis Madduppa, Head of ITK Bachelor Study Program, Adriani, MSi. Secretary of ITK Department, Dr Syamsul Bahri Agus, and representative of ITK lecturers, Dr Nyoman MN Natih.

The purpose of this visit was to share information regarding international accreditation IMarEST and the management of bachelor's academic programs in ITK Department of IPB University. Besides that, the visitation team was brought to take a look at the laboratory facilities and discussed academic programs and the follow-up opportunities.

Dr Hawis Madduppa, Head of ITK Department of IPB University conveyed that this visit was a nice opportunity to share information regarding education development for both parties. He said, this benchmarking activity can hopefully be a means to reciprocally share about academic management and preparation in international accreditation.

"Hopefully, in the future, other than academic discussion, we can also create a cooperation for other agenda such as research. Hopefully, there will be a further visit for both parties," said Dr. Hawis. (ARS) (IAAS/PEH)

Published Date : 08-Dec-2021

Resource Person : Dr Hawis Madduppa, Dr Syamsul Bahri Agus

Keyword : ITK IPB, IPB Campus, independence campus cooperation