Indonesian Students Are Given Training on Making Organic Fertilizers as Business Opportunities

Department of Soil Science and Land Resources (ITSL), Science Techno Park (STP) IPB University in collaboration with SIPINDO held “Training on Making Organic Fertilizers to Open Entrepreneurial Opportunities” for students, last week. This activity, which was held in the context of the Merdeka Campus, was open to all students in Indonesia.

In recent years the ITSL Department has developed recommendations for fertilization as one of the important instruments in the application service of SIPINDO (Indonesian Agricultural Information System). The SIPINDO application features are expected to be able to support the activities of millennial farmers for free. Especially in fertilizer recommendations in identifying the nutritional needs of cultivated plants.

Dr Suria Darma Tarigan, Lecturer of the ITSL Department of IPB University said that one of the advantages of this application is that it is based on location coordinates. So that it is possible to recommend fertilizer based on location points and apply fertilization according to nutrient conditions.

“Fertilization is crucial because it is a significant contributor to production. Many farmers provide fertilizer that exceeds the plant's needs and is adjusted to the characteristics of the soil so that production costs increase," he explained.

According to him, the fertilizer recommendation by SIPINDO is supported by the Kedai Reka program in developing a system with a wider service area coverage. In addition, according to various opinions of agricultural stakeholders in the field, this application also needs to be equipped with recommendations for fertilization with a combination of organic and biological fertilizers.

"In the future, this SIPINDO app can provide an recommendation algorithm for fertilizing a combination of organic and inorganic. SIPINDO can also be a platform in the supply chain of biological organic fertilizers. This creates opportunities for students who have just graduated to take on the role of entrepreneurs in organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers,” he added.

In the coming years, recommendations for combined fertilization in the form of apps will be more intensively developed. Among other things, through the creation of experimental plots in the field in collaboration with various community organizations.
This training aims to complement the knowledge and technology of making organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers to various stakeholders. In order to be able to take advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities of application-based organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers.
This activity is supported and filled by various academics, experts, and practitioners who are experienced in organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers. The speakers who attended were Dr Arief Hartono, Dr Baba Barus Hartono and Dr Budi Nugroho. These lecturers from the ITSL Department shared their understanding of fertilizers, potency, and the manufacture of organic fertilizers.

Also present was Prof Dewi Apri Astuti, a Lecturer of IPB University from the Department of Nutrition and Feed Technology who discussed accelerating the decomposition of organic matter using BSF (Black Soldier Fly) maggots. And Prof Arif Tri Wahyudi Lecturer of the Department of Biology who shared about PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacter) rhizobacteria as plant growth promoters and biofertilizer formulation technology.
Also attended by Muhammad Reza Hanjaya MM, CEO of SIPINDO PT Ewindo who explained various features in SIPINDO. As well as practitioners David Adiatmo Richard Tobing, M Th Director of PT Sitosu Agro Cemerlang and Mangontang Simanjuntak MSP, Chair of the Training Center for Agriculture and Rural Governmental Cariu Bogor to share the experiences of practitioners and industry players regarding the manufacture of organic fertilizers made from local ingredients. (MW/Zul) (IAAS/AML)

Published Date : 22-Nov-2021

Resource Person : Prof Dewi Apri Astuti, Dr Suria Darma Tarigan

Keyword : Department of Soil Science and Land Resources (ITSL) IPB University, Science Techno Park (STP) IPB University, SIPINDO, Lecturer of IPB University, organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer