IPB Peduli Stunting: Assist Families at Risk of Stunting in Campus Circumstances

IPB university provides assistance to families at risk of stunting in the area around the campus through IPB Peduli Stunting activities. This program is a form of IPB University's contribution in supporting the achievement of the government's target in the acceleration program for reducing stunting prevalence. IPB Peduli Stunting is carried out by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University.

Dr Sofyan Sjaf, Deputy Head of LPPM IPB University in the field of Community Service, said, IPB Peduli Stunting in the implementation in the field will be supported by several relevant departments. Not only that, this program is also supported through the activities of dedicated lecturers and students which are integrated with the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) activities.

"We started the IPB Peduli Stunting activity which was carried out in Situ Gede Sub-district, West Bogor District, Bogor City," said Dr Sofyan Sjaf.

Through this activity, Dr. Sofyan Sjaf hopes that the IPB Peduli Stunting Activities can help prevent and overcome stunting events in Situ Gede Sub-district so that in the future this program can be an example for other regions.

Meanwhile, Dr Tin Herawati, Head of the Department of Family and Consumer Science of IPB University said, in implementing activities in the field, IPB Peduli Stunting also collaborates with various parties. This activity also collaborates with the Situ Gede Sub-district government, Midwives, Nutrition Counselors, PLKB, PKH Facilitators and 22 companion cadres.

"Currently, in Situ Gede Sub-district, there are 92 pregnant women and 311 children aged 0-24 months spread over 10 RWs and are the targets of assistance," explained Dr Tin Herawati, coordinator of IPB Peduli Stunting in Situ Gede Sub-district.

Furthermore, the IPB University lecturer explained that the IPB Peduli Stunting activity began with stunting awareness for participants. She also mentioned that routine activities carried out were assistance to families of pregnant women who were at risk of stunting and to families with babies/children at risk of stunting.

 "Assistance is carried out alternately in each RW, accompanied by family education and the provision of additional food for pregnant women and children," added Dr Tin Herawati.

The IPB Peduli Stunting activity received support and attention from various parties such as the Chair of the LPM and the residents of Situ Gede, the 2021 Nusantara Fish Festival Committee, the Bunda Peduli Stunting Bogor City, the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture and the RI BKKBN. (*) (IAAS/IRN)

Published Date : 23-Nov-2021

Resource Person : Dr Sofyan Sjaf

Keyword : stunting, stunting assistance, stunting training