The Faculty of Agriculture of IPB University Organized a National Workshop of Indonesia Agriculture Colleges Communication Forum

The Faculty of Agriculture (Faperta), IPB University, got an opportunity to be the host of the National Workshop of Indonesia Agriculture Colleges Communication Forum (FKPTPI), 20/11. This workshop was held at Thoyib Hadiwijaya Auditorium of Faperta IPB University. Not only that, the participants were also invited to discuss and visit Sadifa Farm and Sukamantri Experimental Garden.

Dr Sugiyanta, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University, welcomed the participants to IPB's campus in Dramaga. "Hopefully, we as the Faculty in Agriculture can participate in the development of national agriculture to be competitive,"  he expressed.

The lecturer from IPB University hopes this national workshop is able to be the place for exchanging ideas, thoughts, and experiences for agricultural development.

The Vice-Rector of IPB University for Education and Student Affairs, Dr Drajat Martianto, also appreciates this workshop. He said that today and future agriculture face many challenges. The challenges include climate crisis, a decrease of interest in agriculture in the young generation, lack of technological advancement in farmers, and an increase of human population that impact food stocks.

"The government, farmers, and agricultural industry are not the only ones responsible for all challenges and problems. It is also our responsibility as college, especially colleges with the Agriculture Faculty," Dr Drajat Martianto explained.

Various problems that were rose from VUCA, he continued, need to be responded to by colleges. He also stated that agriculture has to be future-minded. Agricultural development also needs a more adaptive mindset.

"We have to collaborate to solve problems and challenges that are getting more complex in the future," Dr Drajat added.

The lecturer from IPB University also said that research and innovation are needed to support agricultural productivity and the well-being of farmers. In agriculture education, lecturers have to be able to teach the students with real experiences, Dr Drajat stated.

"The students have to be given a chance in their agriculture education journey, by giving the students chances to involve directly in the community. Hopefully, it will increase their interest," Dr Drajat said.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of FKPTPI, Jamhari, said that this workshop will help develop agriculture education in the future, "In this opportunity, we learned the experiences in teaching agriculture from colleges," Jamhari said.

Hopefully, agriculture education will help in developing national agriculture, Jamhari said.

In this opportunity, the signing of collaboration between the Alumni Association of Agriculture Faculty (IKA Faperta) of IPB University with Indonesia Agriculture Colleges Communication Forum (FKPTPI) and Holding Perkebunan Nusantara of PT Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero) was also done. (*)(IAAS/EAZ)

Published Date : 23-Nov-2021

Resource Person : Dr Sugiyanta, Dr Drajat Martianto

Keyword : pertanian, pendidikan pertanian, perguruan tinggi pertanian, kerjasama pertanian