IPB University Faculty of Animal Science Intensively Consumption of IPB D1 Chicken and Rabbit Meat

To increase the consumption of IPB D-1 chicken meat and rabbit meat, the Faculty of Animal Science of IPB University held a webinar of warungreka. The activity, which carries the theme "Processing IPB Chicken and Rabbit Meat that is ASUH (Safe, Healthy, Whole and Halal) and the Launching of its Superior Products is the result of collaboration with Sinar Harapan Farm (SHF) farms, (14/11).

In his remarks, Secretary of the Department of Animal Production Science and Technology (IPTP), Faculty of Animal Science, IPB University, Dr. Jakaria said that this program is one of the media for student learning. Especially in nutrition and culinary approaches that can change people's perspectives and can increase the diversification of livestock products that are not yet popular.

“This activity is also a forum for increasing student competence to innovate and be dedicated in developing the processing of livestock products. IPB-D1 chicken meat and rabbit meat are commodities with high nutritional potential, but their existence is still low among the people. We need innovation in animal processing products," he said.

There were three speakers who attended this webinar. They are Indah Wulandari, SGz, RD (nutritionist at Dr Kariadi Hospital Semarang), Dr. Ir Astari Apriantini, SGz, MSc (Lecturer of the Faculty of Animal Science IPB University) and Ali Mustopa, SPt (Director of Sinar Harapan Farm).

In her presentation, Indah explained that IPB D1 chicken meat and rabbit meat are beneficial for health. According to her, one of the nutritional content that can be used to meet the needs of animal protein sources is chicken and rabbit meat.

“Both are in the white meat category, which is lower in fat than red meat. White meat has benefits such as high protein content. The fat content is also low, so it is good for diet, for heart patients and lowers blood pressure,” she explained.

She added that the iron content is also quite high (27 percent). Vitamin B12 in white meat is good for the formation of red blood cells so it is suitable for patients with nervous system disorders, diabetes mellitus, maintaining fertility (magnesium selenium as an antioxidant), calcium omega 3 fat.

“Good selection of chicken and rabbit meat has the characteristics of bright reddish white, odor does not deviate, is not dry, the fibers are relatively smooth and there is no blood. Pay attention to the storage temperature so that the meat is not contaminated from bacteria and germs," she added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Astari conveyed about the socialization strategy of IPB-D1 chicken meat and rabbit meat to increase consumers' positive perceptions.
“One good alternative to meet food security is to consume IPB D1 chicken meat and rabbit meat. IPB D1 chicken meat has characteristics that are not much different from native chicken meat, and the high productivity of rabbit meat is able to produce meat in a short time. Both have prospects to meet the nutritional needs of the Indonesian people," she said.

But unfortunately, she continued, rabbit meat is less recognized by the people of Indonesia. Therefore, a strategy is needed to increase consumer preferences for IPB D1 chicken meat and rabbit meat. It can be through education, diversifying products in order to attract people's attention and promoting it through social media

Ali Mustopa, as Director of Sinar Harapan Farm conveyed about processed products from IPB-D1 chicken and rabbit meat at SHF Sukabumi.

“IPB-D1 chicken meat can be processed into ungkep chicken. This meat has a texture that is not hard so it requires processing in a relatively short time. In addition, the use of other livestock such as rabbits also has many benefits. Such as the use of rabbit meat for geprek meat products, rabbit skin for the main ingredient of children's wasps to the use of rabbit urine waste as a substitute for urea fertilizer, " he said. (**/Zul) (IAAS/SYA)

Published Date : 16-Nov-2021

Resource Person : Indah Wulandari, SGz, RD, Dr Ir Astari Apriantini, SGz, MSc, Ali Mustopa, SPt

Keyword : IPB D1 chicken meat, rabbit meat, IPB University, Faculty of Animal Science