Benchmarking of DPR RI Library to IPB University Library

The DPR RI Library visited the IPB University Library, (24/11). This visit aimed to gain knowledge about digital library management and related aspects of it.

The DPR RI library group, led by the Head of the DPR RI Library Section, Kharisun Alaikum, S.Sos, was received by the Head of the IPB University Library, Prof. Pudji Muljono. Prof. Pudji was accompanied by Supervisor of Administration and General Services, Ony Lusiantary, SS, Supervisor of User Services, Irma Elvina, S.Sos, MP, and Supervisor of Library Material Management, Widiyati Kania, S.Sos, MP.

On this occasion, Prof. Pudji thanked the DPR RI Library for the visit and made the IPB University Library a reference in developing the DPR RI Library.
According to him, the era of disruption that continues to develop at this time has caused changes in the pattern of human life. Digitalization is an unavoidable necessity. The development and management of digital libraries is a must for libraries to survive and have a place in society.
"The university library has a heavy responsibility as a supporting unit in higher education. However, the library is also considered as the heart of the university to be able to carry out this function," he explained.

He added that the development of a digital library system is expected to help accelerate the dissemination of information. Digital libraries also provide easy access to much-needed information.
Therefore, digital libraries require the competence of librarians who master general knowledge, interpersonal skills, management skills, master information literacy, and media literacy. They must also be able to contribute to the development of science and technology which is the core business of the parent institution,” he added.

Prof. Pudji added that currently in the university environment, digital libraries are needed to support the implementation of education and teaching, research as well as community service and service. The paradigm shift in the education and teaching system in higher education places the library as a very important information resource.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Library Division of the DPR RI, Kharisun Alaikum, S.Sos said that he was very proud to be able to visit IPB University. As the largest agricultural university in Indonesia, IPB University has a library that has been accredited A.
He explained that his party wanted to improve communication between libraries and exchange information related to the development of digital library management technology.

“With this visit, we hope to learn a lot and develop the DPR RI library. The IPB University library is very good at providing access to global information and processing digital libraries. Hopefully, this visit can be beneficial for both parties,” he added.

During this visit, the group saw the IPB-ana collection room, online service room, SNI Corner room, librarian research results room, collection recording room, service room on the first floor of the IPB University Library. (awl/Zul)

Published Date : 26-Nov-2021

Resource Person : Prof Pudji Muljono, Kharisun Alaikum, SSos

Keyword : IPB University, Digital Library, DPR RI