Ulfa Atamimi, IPB University Student, Chosen as Mojang West Java 2021, With Straw Capital

Ulfa Atamimi, an IPB University student from the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, was selected as the Mojang Pinilih West Java 2021. The Mojang Pinilih election was held at the Grand Final of Mojang and Jajaka West Java 2021, which was held at the Grand Hotel Preanger, Jalan Asia Afrika, Bandung City, 9/10 .

"The first feeling is that we are grateful to be able to pass various kinds of rigorous selections, ranging from file selection, online quarantine (due to the pandemic) and also offline quarantine which was carried out for three days with strict health protocols," said Ulfa.

In this competition, Ulfa utilizes knowledge from the lecture process. She makes simple creative economy products from straw.

"One of the things that must be owned by a nonoman role model and one of them is the breadth of knowledge where I make a creative economic product from straw in one of the tourist villages in Bogor City," said Ulfa Atamimi.

Ulfa shared some of the challenges she faced, such as finding and highlighting one's abilities and strengths among the participants who had excelled. Previously, Ulfa, together with the association and the Office of Culture, Tourism and Creative Economy of the City of Bogor, had conducted many training activities for six months, which experts in their respective fields guided.

"As an agriculture student, I want to introduce the diversity of nature not only from the city of Bogor but also in West Java. In addition, I also want to point out that culture and creative economy, combined with knowledge, will become a unique regional wealth," said Ulfa, who is also known for his work in promotional activities as an Ambassador of IPB University.

With his knowledge and background, Ulfa tries to contribute to society. Especially in the agricultural sector. She also hopes that the younger generation can always recognize the potential of their region.

"Because it is from recognizing the potential of the region that we can develop something and make changes," she explained. (SMT) (IAAS/MFR)

Published Date : 14-Oct-2021

Resource Person : Ulfa Atamimi

Keyword : Ulfa Atamimi, Mojang West Java, IPB students, straw waste, creative economy