Three IPB University Vocational School Students Win 1st Place in the 2021 National Business Management Competition

Another proud achievement was made by IPB University students. Three students from the Industrial Management Study Program (Prodi) of IPB University's Vocational School managed to achieve 1st Place in the 2021 Business Management Competition. They are Ingger Najwa Anjani, Oktif Rafiqka Fiddien, and Sania Hairunnisa.

The competition, which carries the theme “Maximizing Business Strategy as A Challenge in Society 5.0”, was organized by the Big Family of Bali State Polytechnic Students, (27-29/9).
The three students managed to beat participants from various universities in Indonesia who took part in this competition.

In this competition, Ingger, Oktif, and Sania took the theme "Strengthening Upstream Sector Branding in Agribusiness Concepts by Utilizing Digital Technology for Millennial Generation".
In her presentation, Ingger emphasized that the millennial generation is an actor of change. They are able to optimize digital power to various elements of society, especially actors who are strongly involved in the value chain of the agribusiness system.

“The product downstream process is done by providing added value to the product, as a way to make it look more modern, competitive, and readily accepted by the market. However, a touch of digital technology will give more value to agricultural commodities and products," she said.
Especially towards the era of Society 5.0, she continued, where the role of humans is an inseparable part. In short, human activities that are supported by digital technology will be more precise, environmentally friendly, and sustainable.

“With digital technology, products become more easily recognized by elements of the wider community. The branding of agricultural-based activities and products is also getting stronger,” she added.

On the same occasion, Dr. Doni Yusri as a Lecturer of Industrial Management at the Vocational School of IPB University and also a student coach was proud and gave high appreciation.
Dr. Doni, IPB University's Digital Marketing Expert said that digital technology is millennials themselves.
“So how to maximize the role of students as actors driving changes in agricultural and industrial activities. One of them is often participating in competitions like this,” he said.

According to him, the three students have combined the theme of agricultural-based commodities and products with digital technology. This idea can be used by anyone to welcome the era of Society 5.0.

"On the other hand, by becoming champions, the three students showed their side of excellence as IPB University students," he concluded. (**/Zul) (IAAS/FAP)

Published Date : 02-Oct-2021

Resource Person : Ingger Najwa Anjani

Keyword : Student, Champion, Vocational School, IPB University, Digital Technology