IPB University Students are Actively Involved in the Development of Sea Farming Lobster on Seribu Island

The research team of the Center for Coastal and Ocean Resources Studies (PKSPl), lecturers and students of the Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) IPB University in collaboration with PT Gani Arta Dwitunggal (AQUATEC) and the people of the Thousand Islands DKI Jakarta to develop Sea Farming Lobster. This activity is part of the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka (MBKM) through the Kedaireka Matching Fund Program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

“The Kedaireka Sea Farming Lobster Matching Fund Program has been running at the Sea Farming Hall of PKSPL IPB University. Currently, students have been deployed to prepare research facilities and designs using Aquatec submersible cages," said Dr. Irzal Effendi, Lecturer of the Department of Aquaculture during a discussion at the PKSPL Seafarming Center, Seribu Islands, (24/10).

The Head of the Coastal and Marine Science Technopark Division of PKSPL IPB University said that the Kedaireka matching fund program was fully and comprehensively utilized by students.
“Students can directly study outside the campus, see the business world and the industrial world (DUDI), as well as build society with the knowledge gained on campus. That is the essence of MBKM. We together with PKSPL and AQUATEC will test the submersible cage made by AQUATEC as the latest product of lobster cultivation in Indonesia, as well as share knowledge with the community," he added.

Muhammad Qustam Sahibuddin, SE as Researcher of PKSPL IPB University said that this program is expected to improve the quality of lobster cultivation production (survival and growth of lobsters) through science and technology owned by IPB University.
“This knowledge can also be transferred directly to the people in the Thousand Islands as well as in the Coastal and Small Islands Regions (WP3K) in Indonesia. So that the Sea Farming Center as a showcase for marine aquaculture activities plays an important role in the development of IPB University. This is also part of Agromaritim 4.0 through student activities in MBKM activities," he said.

Restu Kandela representing the students of the Department of Aquaculture IPB University responded that they were very enthusiastic and hoped that they could provide benefits to the alma mater, society, and country. "During our two weeks at the Sea Farming Hall, we have carried out several activities, namely conducting discussions with the community regarding marine cultivation, direct practice related to feeding grouper fish, preparing and cleaning nets as well as online lectures that we can still do," he said.

the program is expected to enhance the student experience on campus which was recorded as a Certificate of Companion Certificate (SPKI), to produce works that benefit society Thousand Islands and the establishment of synergy DUDI and education in advancing science and technology related to the cultivation of lobster. (MQS/RK/Zul) (IAAS/NRB)

Published Date : 26-Oct-2021

Resource Person : Dr Irzal Effendi, Restu Kandela

Keyword : Lobster, students, Thousand Islands, PKSPL, Kedaireka, MKBM, IPB University