IPB University Prepares for Limited Offline Lectures

IPB University will hold limited offline lectures gradually. Offline lectures will be intended for undergraduate and vocational students who have entered the fifth semester. This policy is based on the Letter of the Rector of IPB University No. 18617/IT3/TU/P/T/2021 concerning Offline Meetings (PTM) gradually.

Vice-Rector of IPB University for Education and Student Affairs, Dr Drajat Martianto explained, offline lectures are planned to be carried out after the midterm exams are completed from October 18 to December 6, 2021. In the following period, after the new year holiday, in order to improve students skills, will be held thematic training or integrated practicum until the even semester starts. This is done to make up for lost opportunities.

"The PTM activities and the training schedule will be regulated by each study program. So it is carried out specifically according to the study program's decision," said Dr Drajat Martianto.

He said that students of the Veterinary Professional Education (PPDH) program will carry out offline activities starting on October 11, 2021. Meanwhile, IPB University Postgraduate program students are still conducting online lectures and practicums, but other activities such as seminars, closed exams or thesis exams, and promotion hearings are gradually starting to be carried out offline.

Although lecture activities in general, are still carried out online, however, he said, students are allowed to enter the campus to take part in online lecture activities on campus. IPB will provide rooms for students to be comfortable taking online lectures on campus. For final project students, more laboratories will be opened so that research activities can run well and not extend the student's study period.

Dr Drajat also explained that students who wish to conduct lectures offline must meet the specified requirements. These conditions are:

  1. Get permission from parents
  2. Have done a complete dose of vaccine
  3. Has carried out self-isolation for seven days for students who have just arrived in Bogor and were declared negative for COVID-19 through an examination at the IPB University Clinic.
  4. Willing to comply with the provisions of the implementation of the health protocol strictly while inside the campus or outside the campus of IPB University.
  5. Have the Peduli Protect application as a requirement to enter campus.

"We have socialized this policy to faculties and study programs, so it is hoped that the preparation for face-to-face learning can be maximized," said Dr Drajat Martianto. (*) (IAAS/YHY)

Published Date : 05-Oct-2021

Resource Person : Dr Drajat Martianto

Keyword : face-to-face lectures, offline lectures, online lectures