IPB University and Deakin University Collaborates on FGD and Launches the Australia-Indonesia Youth Bilateral Forum for Agriculture

The Department of Economic Science, IPB University, represented by Dr Sahara, the Head of Department and Deakin University, represented by Dr Risti Permani, have held an online Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on September 23rd. The discussion was part of the Advancing Innovations and Resilience in Agricultural Youth research collaboration between the two institutions. 

The discussion began with an opening speech by Mr Alistair McCosh (Director of Deakin Warrnambool Campus), Ms. Lydia Santoso (The Australia-Indonesia Institute Board Member), Kuncoro Giri Waseso (The Indonesian Consulate General for Victoria and Tasmania), and Dr Mukhamad Najib (Education and Cultural Attaché at the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra).

This event was also attended by students from various national and international institutions who represented youth in agriculture. At this event, the Australia-Indonesia Agricultural Youth bilateral forum was also launched. Dr Sahara explained that based on the executed FGD, the fields which needs further exploration by both Indonesia and Australia are: (i) Innovation, security, and research; (ii) career and skills; (iii) farmer empowerment; (iv) business and entrepreneurship.

She further explained that multiple organizations based in Indonesia which are focused on innovation, security and research have been working on increasing information access and the implementation of agricultural innovations to further increase the efficiency of production and the quality of agricultural products.

An important aspect in innovation is without a doubt, research. The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research have especially played a key role in the running of the Indonesian-Australian research collaboration. Regarding career and skills, Dr Sahara conveyed that in Indonesia, there are plenty of universities with program studies in Agriculture, one of which is IPB University. To increase the skills of those in the agricultural field, the opportunity that presents itself in the form of this collaboration should be explored further so that the human resources from both countries could align their skills. Farmer empowerment is the next important point which must be developed in both countries.

In Indonesia, there is a need for programs to encourage youth in pursuing agricultural careers. The field itself has, in reality, a great prospect as there is steady growth for employment within the fields of agricultural business management, animal health, agricultural tools and infrastructure, as well as genetics and breeding.

Furthermore, other motivators such as the income growth in Indonesia, increase of global competitiveness, concerns of resource limitations, animal welfare, and sustainable issues are predicted to encourage youth to further their capacities in those fields.

Business and agricultural entrepreneurship are also important to highlight in the Indonesia-Australia bilateral relationship as those two factors could facilitate microbusinesses, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Increase of digital marketing skills from youth-led agribusinesses are needed and capacity development could be done through stronger bonds of youth in both countries. The event’s FGD is a strong initial step for bilateral activities which involves the young generations in agricultural discussions and events. To attract the interests of youth, the forum has also organized several interesting events such as scientific article and photography competitions which showcases youth’s involvement in agricultural innovations.

Published Date : 02-Oct-2021

Resource Person : Dr Sahara

Keyword : agriculture, young generation, millennial, agricultural development, IPB lecturer