IPB University Student Creates Self-Heating Instant Cream Soup to Improve Calcium Intake

The general public, especially the young generation, is always looking for unique, delicious and instant food. In the international market, currently there are several kinds of packaging available which could increase its internal temperature, also known as a self-heating feature. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made self-heating technology ever more relevant, its use is unfortunately uncommon in Indonesia.

The self-heating packaging is being utilized by the student team in IPB University’s Department of Food Science Technology (ITP), Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, to create new food innovation in Indonesia: an instant cream soup named “AutoZoup”.

Firanindyta Hade, innovator team member, explained that the AutoZoup is packaged with a self-heating technology and fortified with duck egg shell flour. The use of this special flour can increase general calcium intake. The self-heating material used is CaO which will react exothermically. When added with water, the packaging will release heat and heat up the food on its own even without the use of hot water. The temperature produced ranges between 100-120 degree Celsius, ensuring warmth of AutoZoup at consumption.  

According to M. Ridho Saputra who is also a team member, although calcium is an essential nutrient, Indonesia’s calcium intake is considered low compared to the Dietary Reference Intake. With the guidance of ITP lecturer Dr Nur Wulandari, the AutoZoup was used as a topic idea in the Students’ Creativity Program of Entrepreneurship (PKM-K) 2021 held by Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology

Annisa Dhabita, another team member, explained that the initial idea of AutoZoup originated from a previous competition and that they had brainstormed the idea since the beginning of the year. After consulting with Dr Wulan, they were able to gain new insights on the tools they could use for the creation of the innovation. Firanindyta added that the AutoZoup packaging could be used as a recycled product such as a piggy bank, flower pot and many others. The production center of AutoZoup is located in Bogor and it has been sold and distributed to three islands and 10 provinces in Indonesia, reaching the target of 450 pieces sold. Ridho also plans to develop other products with the AutoZoup innovator team.

Published Date : 09-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Firanindyta Hade

Keyword : Food Science and Technology, Self-Heating, Calcium Fortification, PKM-K IPB University