Cool! IPB University Student Won 2nd Place in Military Defense Technology 4.0 Competition

IPB University once again made achievements in the national-scale student competition.  This time a 2nd place position was won in the Military Defense Technology (MDT) 4.0 competition which was held online by the Indonesia Network Security Association (IdNSA), recently.

He is Linuz Tri Erianto, a student from the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University.  In this event, Linuz managed to beat dozens of other participants.  Linuz is not alone.  He along with two other participants from the Surabaya Institute of Technology and the Malang Institute of Technology joined in one team which later became the champion.

“In this competition, we are given a challenge in the form of a website/program in which there is confidential data.  Our job as participants is to try to get that confidential data by exploiting bugs on the website/program.  After success, the data is submitted to the competition platform and will get points.  That's why the name of this competition is Capture The Flag (CTF), the flag here means the secret data," explained Linuz.

In this competition, there are several categories to choose from, such as reverse engineering, web exploitation, binary exploitation, and cryptography.  Before joining the competition, Linuz prepared himself by learning about web exploitation and binary exploitation.

“I studied web exploitation and binary exploitation.  Binary exploitation is quite broad in scope.  We learn how the open-source system (OS) works, we also learn about the kernel, so we use a lot of knowledge,” he said.

Evidently, in addition to MDT 4.0, Linuz also managed to become 1st Place in a similar competition held by the Fword Community on 27 August 2021.

“I feel proud of this achievement.  I am more excited to win even bigger competitions,” he concluded.  Happy Linux!  (NIRS/Zul) (IAAS/ADV)

Published Date : 07-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Linuz Tri Erianto

Keyword : Champion, Indonesia Network Security Association (IdNSA), Military Defense Technology (MDT) 4.0 Competition, students, IPB University