Let's Join IPB Virtual Gowes Race 2021, PPLH IPB Prepared Prizes up to 11 Million Rupiah

Environmental Research Center (PPLH) of IPB University and Agrometeorology Students Association (Himagetro) held IPB Virtual Gowes fo Low Emission 2021 with prizes up to 11 million rupiah. The race is part of the celebrations for 58th IPB University Dies Natalis and Zero-Emission Day.

"This race is one of the attempts by IPB University in the low carbon emission campaign. IPB University is always making concrete steps to lower carbon emission, whether those are already done, in progress, or will be implemented on the campus," said Prof Hendi Effendi, Head of PPLH IPB University.

The professor of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK) IPB University also said that a Low Carbon Emission-themed webinar is also part of this event series. The webinar invites the Director of Climate Change Mitigation, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and experts from IPB University.

According to him, IPB Virtual Gowes 2021 for Low Carbon Emission is a virtual cycling event as a campaign for lowering emission through zero-emission transportation. The race is done individually and opened for the general public. Has started on September 13th, Virtual Gowes can be done until September 19th through the Relive app.

He added that Relive is an app to record various outdoor activities, such as cycling, running, and hiking. The app records the user's track and displays it on a map. Relive also has a camera feature to capture moments and scenery, then put it together with the map. The output of this application is a video.

To participating, participants are obligated to follow Instagram accounts of PPLH (@pplhipb), IPB University (@ipbofficial), and Himagreto (@himagreto_ipb). The participants also need to follow health protocols and practice social distancing.

"The valuation will start from September 20th. Meanwhile, the winner announcement and prize delivery is on September 21st at the time of the webinar," he said.

Furthermore, Prof Hefni said that the criteria for the winner are total track length, the uniqueness and benefits of cycling, and health protocol compliance. PPLH IPB University also prepared five special prizes for those with the most likes on social media.

This event is a collaboration between PPLH IPB University with Himagreto IPB University, supported by the Directorate of Students and Career Development (Ditmawa PK) of IPB University and Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ (PHE ONWJ). (Rz/Zul) (IAAS/EAZ)

Published Date : 17-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Prof Hefni Effendi

Keyword : IPB University, Lomba IPB Virtual Gowes 2021, Himagreto, PPLH