81 Multinational Researchers Present Research Findings in International Symposium on Biodiversity

The 5th International Symposium EMBRIO (Enhancing Marine Biodiversity in Indonesia) discussing Fisheries and Sustainable Biodiversity was held online and broadcasted from Bogor on 6-7th of September 2021. The event itself was attended by researchers from various countries including Chili, Finland, England, Japan, the Philippines, and Germany.

At the event, Prof Arif Satria, Rector of IPB University, explained that the formation of IPB University’s EMBRIO aims to support education and research. He welcomes participants to contribute in the development of fisheries and marine biodiversity. Albeit in different ways, COVID-19 has impacted not just humanity, but also marine biodiversity and fisheries across the world. The pandemic has given us a chance to reevaluate the impacts of fisheries-based sectors and land-based industries on the world’s economic and social aspects. This has led to the conclusion that restoration is necessary.

Therefore, a sustainable, resistant and just working framework must be implemented. This includes better developments which contributes to economic growth, the increase of livelihood, the conservation of marine ecosystem health and biodiversity. Higher education institutions must support this through scientific developments and strengthening partnerships for the support of economic developments.

Prof Arif hopes for the symposium to provide new knowledge which would be utilized for the development of the world’s marine and fisheries sector. Dr Fredinan Yulianda, the Dean of IPB University’s Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK), conveyed that EMBRIO is a think-tank unit in FPIK, established in 2013. EMBRIO holds research on marine biodiversity in IPB University on both national and international levels. Regarding the symposium, Dr Fredinan explained that the event aims to widely spread research findings on marine biodiversity and fisheries as well as to promote innovative solutions which supports the blue ocean economy. It also aims to strengthen the network and reach of academics through collaboration, idea presentation, research findings, as well as publications in both reputable journals and proceedings.

Dr Ichsan Achmad Fauzi, the Head of the Organizing Committee, explained that even with the ongoing pandemic, the event is still held to build partnerships for the development of biodiversity in Indonesian waters. As many as 81 researchers presented their research findings with the common theme of Sustainable Development of Fisheries and Marine Resource in the Era of COVID-19. Participants of the symposium came from various institutions and were lecturers, researchers, and students. Among those institutions were LUKE, National Resource Institute Finland, Strathclyde University Glasgow, Scotland, and the Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Association. Also present as Keynote Speaker was Ir Agung Kuswandono, MA, Secretary of Indonesia’s Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment Affairs. Scientific research presented at the symposium is set to be internationally published in Earth and Environmental Science, IOP. He hopes that this international symposium would encourage further dynamic research on fisheries and marine biodiversity, especially with the settlement of the new normal concept in those sectors during the era of COVID-19.

Published Date : 07-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Dr Ichsan Achmad Fauzi, Dr Fredinan Yulianda,Prof Arif Satria

Keyword : Fisheries and Marine Biodiversity, EMBRIO, FPIK, IPB University