Rector of IPB University Receives Award as Public Figure of Cooperative and SMEs

Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria, received an award as Public Figure of Cooperative Service and Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for 2021. The award was presented by the Indonesian Minister of Cooperative and SMEs on the peak of the 74th Cooperative Day on July 12th.

The award was a form of appreciation towards those who are considered successful in supporting cooperatives and SMEs within the country. IPB University has consistently worked in the empowerment of agricultural SMEs including village cooperatives. SMEs under IPB University’s guidance vary from those in villages around campus to national level SMEs. The program is also held through the School of Animal Husbandry (SPR). SPR aims to change the farmers’ perspective so that they can strive for more independence. As of the writing of this article, as many as 43 SPRs have been established in 23 regencies and 12 provinces in Indonesia.

Under the leadership of Prof Arif Satria, IPB University has joined hands with Astra International in the empowerment of agricultural SMEs in West Java through the One Village One CEO (OVOC) Program. The program consolidates village-owned enterprises in 53 villages with innovations. From 2021, the number of villages under the program has increased to 300 villages both within and outside of Java.

The empowerment program is also being run through the smart community development: Tani Centre which envelopes IPB Digitani (digital socialization app), Agribusiness and Technology Park (to connect farmers to supermarkets or modern markets and provide technological guidance), and the Precise Village Data (to improve quality of village data through Drone Participatory Mapping) in 21 regencies of Indonesia as supporting programs in the empowerment of agricultural SMEs.

With the presentation of this award, Prof Arif Satria expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Cooperative and SMEs who has entrusted and appreciated IPB University’s performance in the advancement of Indonesia’s economy through cooperatives and SMEs. Prof Arif conveyed that the award is inseparable with the role of all components of the university in their commitments and real actions in the farmers’ empowerment. Furthermore, Prof Arif also expressed his appreciation towards leaders of the working units, lecturers, academic staff, and students for their contribution in developing Indonesian cooperatives and SMEs amidst society.

Published Date : 12-Jul-2021

Resource Person : Prof Arif Satria

Keyword : KemenkoUKM, Cooperative Day, IPB University Rector, People's Animal Husbandry School, OVOC, OVOI