Himakua Coaches Prospective Delegates of Aquaculture Student Conference 2021

The Aquaculture Student Association (Himakua) of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) IPB University provides coaching to the participants of the Aquaculture Student Conference (ASC). In the first coaching, participants received material on Critical Thinking and Problem-solving. In the second coaching, the material given was "The Surprising Secret to Speak with Confidence".

This ASC is part of the Aquaculture Festival (Aquafest) 2021 series. In the first coaching, the speakers presented were Dr. Ichsan Ahmad Fauzi (Lecturer of the Department of Aquaculture, FPIK IPB University) and Fauzan Feisal, SPi, MIB (lead partner of ITDRI Telkom). While in the second coaching, Denis Andreas (founder of Leader's English) and Muhammad Farhan Dirhami (active student of IPB University) were presented. These speakers are figures who have a lot of experience in public speaking competitions.

Muhammad Syifa Fahrezi, Chief Executive of Aquafest 2021 said that this coaching was carried out to provide understanding to the participants regarding the meaning of critical thinking and problem-solving. Participants can also speak up with confidence.

“This activity also provides tips and tricks in doing public speaking. Hopefully, this coaching can form prospective delegates who are ready to represent Indonesia and IPB University's alma mater at the Aquaculture Student Conference 2021 activities which have an ASEAN regional scale," he added. (**/Zul) (IAAS/IRN)

Published Date : 23-Jul-2021

Resource Person : Muhammad Syifa Fahrezi

Keyword : Aquafest, Public Speaking, Himakua, IPB University