IPB University with Seven International Universities Collaborate to Hold International E-Summer Course

IPB University’s School of Business has held the International E-Summer Course of Business Innovation and Management (BIM) for the 2nd time on July 5th. This year, the course highlights the topic of “New Dynamics of Business Innovation and Engineering: Creating and Protecting Value in the Era of Industry 4.0 & Society 5.0”. The international event continued on to July 14th and was the result of a collaboration between IPB University, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Putra Business School, Hiroshima University, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Adam Smith Business School, Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Kirirom Institute of Technology.

Dr Drajat Martianto, Vice Rector of Education and Student Affairs of IPB University, explained through his opening speech that the E-Summer Course serves as an implementation of the Future IPB 4.0 Education program. In the support of Future IPB 4.0 Education, other programs which have been established are the new K2020 curriculum, blended learning and Online Distance Learning (ODL), opening of more international classes, developments of the scientific field and profession, supporting students to embark on international activities, conferences, and summer courses such as the one in mention.

Prof Noer Azam Achsani, Dean of IPB University’s School of Business, welcomed all participants of the events and relayed that even though the event is held online as a platform for virtual education, the E-Summer Course also facilitates participants to build a global network and enrich their knowledge from both lecturers and students across countries.

Over 100 participants from 13 universities and six countries which were Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and China, registered to the course. All participants have now become part of IPB University’s School of Business. Prof Noer expressed that through this event, students can expect to understand key learning points such as the identification and recognition of business opportunities, information integration, theory and best practices in the analyses of issues within business organization, business competitive skills, collaboration and development of international network, as well as making effective arguments through both oral and written situations.

The speaker line up is composed of 11 lecturers from 7 international universities with specific expertise surrounding Business Innovation and Management. The virtual E-Summer Course was designed with interactive lectures divided into three main events which were the online lectures (synchronous/asynchronous), quiz/self-assessment and team assignments.

Through this course, students gained the experience of exploring business units in Bogor City through virtual visits and participate in an international competition by creating their team paper/e-poster. At the end of the event, the winners were announced in the categories of Best Student, Best Paper and Best E-Poster. Discussions were held on the main frame of organization, entrepreneurship, business model, operation management of logistics and supply chain, big data, open innovation, smart agriculture, business cycle and finance.

Lecturers involved in this course came from IPB University’s School of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Putra Business School - Malaysia, Hiroshima University - Japan, Warsaw University of Life Sciences – Poland, Kirirom Institute of Technology – Cambodia, Tokyo University of Agriculture – Japan, and the Adam Smith Business School – UK. 

Published Date : 07-Jul-2021

Resource Person : Dr Drajat Martianto, Prof Noer Azam Achsani

Keyword : Summer Course, Sekolah Bisnis IPB University