IPB University PKHT Discussion: The Importance of Connectivity in Academic and Research Implementation

IPB University has become one of the role models for the Independent Learning Independent Campus (Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka or MBKM). Therefore, the Center for Tropical Horticultural Studies (PKHT), Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University held an Expose: Connectivity of Study Center Activities in Education Services and Achievement of Academic Excellence, Friday (09/07). This activity is intended for students, especially postgraduate students.

Prof. Anas M. Fauzi, Dean of the Graduate School of IPB University, said that in order to increase competitiveness, universities emphasize research that has an impact. Regarding research for impact, students are expected to be able to conduct research without being confined not only to universities but also to society and industry. He said that there are two important positions, which are universities as producers of science and technology and society as users of graduates in utilizing research results.

“To have an impact through research, of course, requires good affiliation and cooperation. So that the contribution of each party can produce policies that are beneficial to the community," said the lecturer at the Department of Agroindustrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, IPB University.

Cooperation between departments and between faculties at IPB University is also important as a capstone. It is also important for universities and all parties to start thinking about cohort research. The programs and facilities to support the implementation of student research revolve around research funds, research topics, and working space.

Prof. Syafrida Manuwoto, Advisor for PKHT IPB University, said that universities have an important position to answer the nation's problems and produce a golden generation of 2045. Postgraduate graduates are the key to human resource development. The role of IPB University as an education system must be able to embrace other universities to collaborate in research. Synergy policies between departments and the center are also important to avoid internal competition.

“The point now is connectivity. There should be openness. Do not let secretiveness and competition occur. The most important things are collaboration, sharing, and caring. Also graduates with high character and national spirit," she added.

Prof. Sobir, Professor of IPB University, said that one of the activities in PKHT is Litbangrap (Research, Development, and Application) of Science and Technology. Students can be involved in these activities facilitated by good infrastructure. He hopes that PHKT can be a partner for students to develop together, utilize the facilities, and develop a career at PKHT.

"Research at PKHT is multidisciplinary and has a roadmap that aims to produce innovative products to overcome the problems of society and the nation," added the Horticulture Expert of IPB University.

Dr. Awang Maharijaya, Head of PKHT IPB University, added that the estuary is that PKHT has strong connectivity in educational services and academic excellence achievement. He wants to highlight PKHT which has been confirmed as the Center of Excellence for Science and Technology (PUI).
Therefore, PKHT will be very open to accepting cooperation with affiliated researchers. The role of PKHT at IPB University has one element as an academy implementer so that it is designed to be very open in serving academic activities.

He is happy that IPB University will make PKHT more structured and recognized so that it increases the value of the center to contribute to society. He also hopes that PKHT has opportunities for partners to be able to deliver cooperation programs. As PUI, PKHT is required to be 60 percent of the total weight in order to achieve academic excellence.

"Other than improving academic excellence, it is also for the academic service itself," he explained.
As for the connectivity of study center activities in achieving academic excellence, PKHT provides facilities in the form of BPPTN research funds (Assistance Funding for State Universities) and non-BPPTN. In addition, there are laboratory facilities, assistance in organizing practicum, managing national and international journals, as well as assistance in participating in national and international seminars. (MW/Zul) (IAAS/IRN)


Published Date : 09-Jul-2021

Resource Person : Prof Anas M Fauzi, Prof Syafrida Manuwoto, Prof Sobir, Dr Awang Maharijaya

Keyword : Research, Students, Postgraduate, PKHT, LPPM, IPB University, Independent Campus, Professor of IPB University