In Face of Indonesian Students' Association (PPI) Australia, IPB University Explains How to Shape the Golden Generation

One characteristic of a developed nation is excellent human resources. Indonesia has enormous human capital potential. Then, how to shape the Golden Generation 2045 of Indonesia.

This matter was discussed at an online dialogue "Direction and Contribution of World PPI to Indonesia's Golden Generation 2024" which was held by Indonesian Students' Association (PPI) Australia on 22/7.

Dr Drajat Martianto, the vice-rector in educations and students' affairs of IPB University, tells about IPB University's experience in anticipating volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) as an effect of industrial revolution 4.0.

Dr Drajat informed that Indonesia has to be prepared to face today's change. Besides that, Indonesia needs to manage demographic bonuses well. "In strategizing, IPB University utilizes data and facts. One example is applying Charles Darwin's theory which said that the one who survives is the one that adapts. Because of that, we are trying to yield graduates that are adaptive and able to solve complex problems." he said.

On top of that, Thomas J Stanley, PhD told that there are ten factors to identify golden generations. Some of those are integrity, discipline, interpersonal skills, and work harder than others.

"We, together with the lecturers and students are planning a strategy to successful graduates of IPB University in the future. The current curriculum of IPB University gives freedom to various learning processes. Here, students are involved in various activities. There are multicultural dormitory program, talent mapping for new students, leadership programs, and country defending activities. The goal is for students to have creativity and problem-solving capability," he explained.

Dr Drajat hopes that in 2030, this framework is able to produce desired graduates. (dh/Zul)(IAAS/EAZ)

Published Date : 23-Jul-2021

Resource Person : Dr Drajat Martianto, Thomas J Stanley, PhD

Keyword : PPI, VUCA, IPB University