Bima Arya Visits IPB University Dormitory, Place for COVID-19 Isolation Patients

The Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya, visited A5 IPB University Women's Dormitory that used as isolation center for COVID-19 patients on July 21st. During his visit, he was accompanied by several health workers and doctors to check the completeness of the facilities and the feasibility of the building as a place of isolation. Previously, the building was used as a dormitory for new students of IPB University.

IPB University rector, Prof. Arif Satria, also came along with other IPB University leaders.“This is the first day that IPB Univerisy rector invited me to visit the isolation center at A5 Dormitory. Everything went well. The capacity from 184 only filled with 67 patients. I ask to maximized it in the sub-districts and Puskesmas so COVID-19 patients that need place for isolation can be moved here. Earlier, we checked everything, he said that the food was nutritious, patients can sunbathe, and others. Many have recovered. So this is very useful. I thank IPB University", said Bima Arya.

Prof. Arif Satria also expressed his gratitude to the Mayor who given the trust to IPB University to be able to support the Bogor city and district governments.
"So basically, collaborating with local governments is an important role for universities in an effort to speed up solving this problem", he explained.
Prof. Arif explained that currently IPB University is preparing an oxygen concentrator. “This oxygen concentrator aims to fill the oxygen void in the field. Hopefully this week we can finish the product. It has been designed for the installation of an oxygen concentrator plant which is used to produce oxygen in hospitals so we no longer need to refill it. There's actually a lot of oxygen in the air, we capture it so that it can be used by patients. Now it is in the assembly stage, inshaAllah, it will be tested on Friday. If it is appropriate, God willing, we will produce it", he added.

Hearing this explanation, Bima Arya welcomed this innovation and said that the collaboration with IPB University will continues. “The need for oxygen is extraordinary. According to the President, we must take a long breath forward. We will calculate now, what is the production capacity between IPB University and Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)", he said.

Some of the facilities provided at IPB University Dormitory to support the success of self-isolation such as meals thrice a day, snacks twice a day, masks every day, laundry soap, and sunbathing areas. All patients will be served by health workers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) level 3. (SMH/Zul)



Published Date : 21-Jul-2021

Resource Person : Prof Arif Satria, Bima Arya

Keyword : COVID-19, Asrama IPB University, Wali Kota Bogor, kerjasama IPB dan kota Bogor