IPB University Dorms for Isolation of COVID-19 Patients with Light Symptoms

The high number of COVID-19 patients in Bogor has led IPB University to contribute in solving the lack of hospital beds by providing 188 beds in the campus dormitory for the isolation of COVID-19 confirmed patients. Patients in this dorm are those with none to light symptoms. The isolation is done under the central coordination of the Bogor City’s Health Department.

Dr Drajat Martianto, Vice Rector of Education and Student Affairs of IPB University explained that the university had offered this help as it is a national problem which must be solved together. He further explained regarding the dormitory in mention, which is the A5 dorm with in-room bathrooms and two beds available since July 5th. In total the dorm provides 94 rooms and 188 beds. A back up dorm has also been prepared, the A4 dorm with a capacity of 200 beds. If the situation calls for even more beds, IPB University will utilize the international dorm planned for the isolation of patients with slight to moderate symptoms. Dr Drajat conveyed the university’s hopes for the situation to improve so that such a need will not arise, but in the precaution of an emergency, the back-up dormitories are ready to be used.

On July 5th, the location of the dorms has been surveyed by the Deputy Mayor of Bogor City himself, Dedie A Rachim who showed his appreciation towards IPB University and expressed his hope of lower COVID-19 cases. Dedie explained that those in isolation at the IPB University dorm will be accompanied by eight medical staff and four doctors so that patients will be well overseen. He also mentioned that all operational costs will be covered by the Bogor City government. The facility itself is provided for not just Bogor City citizens but also Bogor Regency citizens including IPB University students with various backgrounds of origin, as long as they follow the procedure which has been set by Bogor City’s Health Department. One of which is that they receive recommendation by Bogor’s Public Hospital and IPB University’s Policlinic to accept help from Bogor City’s Health Department. The requirements of IPB University’s isolation patients include slight to moderate symptoms and suffering from no co-morbidities to ensure that the patients’ conditions allow for independent activities so that they may participate in their own treatments, and even continue to carry out their work and studies aside from routine workouts.

Published Date : 05-Jul-2021

Resource Person : Dr Drajat Martianto, Dedie A Rachim, dr Sri Nowo Retno

Keyword : asrama IPB, isolasi IPB, COVID-19, tempat isolasi COVID-19