Lumajang Deputy Regent Confident Development Planning Complete with Precision Village Data from IPB University

The Government of Lumajang Regency, East Java plans to involve the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University in regional development planning through the use of Precision Village Data (DDP).  Indah Amperawati, Deputy Regent of Lumajang said that DDP is very useful for a local government development plan.

"If all villages in Lumajang Regency have this Precision Village Data, then it's no longer difficult for us to plan. Is it annual or medium term," she explained during an audience with LPPM IPB University, (23/6).

She was very impressed after seeing the DDP presentation by the Deputy Head of LPPM IPB University for Community Service, Dr Sofyan Sjaf.  According to him, DDP presents complete data related to population, economic, social and education information.

"This data is quite complete until there is data per house. This data is cool, if all villages have this data, all planning is complete," he concluded.  He asked the Head of the Lumajang Regency Bappeda to immediately follow up the collaboration with LPPM IPB University to conduct training and assistance to the village government.

Dr Sofyan Sjaf, the initiator of DDP IPB University chimed in that the only way to realize the state's mandate to prosper the people and educate the nation's life is with accurate data.  "If we don't complete one data, development problems will never be finished," explained the IPB University Lecturer from the Department of Communication Science and Community Development.

Furthermore, he said, DDP is data that has a high level of accuracy and accuracy to provide an overview of the actual village conditions.  The data is taken, compiled, validated and verified by village residents assisted by parties outside the village, at a relatively low cost.  Parties outside the village can assist with validation and verification.  For example, local colleges.

"This has been attempted by the Chancellor of IPB University, Prof. Arif Satria through the Indonesian Chancellor's Forum (FRI)," he explained.

Dr Sofyan Sjaf explained that DDP was obtained using Drone Participatory Mapping (DPM), an inclusive approach that puts the relationship between humans and technology in place to collect data.  In its entirety, DDP considers the spatial dimensions, digital technology, citizen participation, and the census.  DDP has fully adapted to the 4.0 era, so it can direct the development of a digital-based district, starting from the village.  (**/Zul) (IAAS/FAP)

Published Date : 25-Jun-2021

Resource Person : Indah Amperawati, Dr Sofyan Sjaf

Keyword : DDP, Lumajang, LPPM, IPB University