Fahutan IPB University Equips Students with Public Speaking Ability

The Faculty of Forestry and Environment (Fahutan) IPB University again presents the 4th “Fahutan Training Series” (FTS#4) online, 5-6/6. This training is themed “Fostering Success with Your Public Speaking and Personal Branding in the Digital Era.” The training activities were attended by students from various regions and universities in Indonesia.

This training aims to increase students' courage and confidence in speaking in public an personal branding, especially in the digital era. Previously, Fahutan IPB University had successfully held two Fahutan Training activities with the themes “Comprehensive Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy to Against Radicalism” and “Knowing Yourself and Developing Character.”

The hope is that after participating in the training, students will no longer be afraid to speak in public, be more confident and be able to develop their personal branding.

The “Public Speaking & Personal Branding” training was guided by Suli Hendra, who is an alumni of Fahutan IPB University and a public speaker, also presenting speakers and trainers who are experts and experienced in the field of Public Speaking, including Epi Handayani, (Public Speaking Specialist), Febriya Fajri (Senior Trainer PT. ABCo Sugesti Motivatindo).

No less interesting, on the 2nd day there were young Motivators, namely Syafii Efendi (Young Motivator and International Public Speaker), and Safhira Alfarisi (Mawapres National Diploma in 2019 and Founder of 10,000 Scholarships).

This training consists of material presentation and coaching sessions to intensify and practice the material that has been received. Even though it was done virtually, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants. The enthusiasm of the participants can be seen from the many questions, the active discussion sessions and the participants competing to practice public speaking.

Good public speaking will certainly send the message that the speaker wants to perfectly convey information to the listener.

In speaking to convey information in front of a large audience, there are several things that are often done, but unfortunately this should not be done.

Not a few speakers apologize at the end of the delivery, even thoughan speaker should feel that they have given the best performance and there are no mistakes, there is no need to do that. In addition, many speakers in giving a speech, convey a word of honor, repeatedly again and again.

The important thing that a speaker must have in mastering the stage is to be able to read the stage conditions that will be faced, especially the audience who will receive the information. This will later make the information provider more flexible in conveying the material. This is the knowledge that the students gained in this training. (*/RA)


Published Date : 09-Jun-2021

Resource Person : Suli Hendra

Keyword : public speaking, speaking training, training to be a speaker