Facilitating Victims of Sexual Violence, IPB University Students Achieve Achievements in National Events

Cases of sexual violence against women in Indonesia do not end, both on the personal and community scale. Women are often considered emotional and weak to witness the object of a trusted storyteller. This stereotype makes the handling of the victim's case biased and the victim fails to continue handling the case. The victim also did not escape from intimidation from the surroundings.

It is this background that spurred IPB University students, namely Cindy Aurellie Hutomo, Ali Naufal Ammarullah, and Muhammad Fauzan Ramadhan to take part in the 2021 UNY IT Competition. The team won third place.

They take part in the Software Development Competition branch, which is a type of IT project that focuses on the creation or development of software.

In this branch of the competition, contestants are required to develop software as an alternative to support the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals. This IPB University student team developed software called "TTM".

Ali, a student from the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University explained that the target users of this application are victims of sexual violence, especially women. TTM features are divided into three, namely reporting, consultation, and panic buttons. The reporting feature makes it easy for users to report incidents they have experienced, so users don't have to bother going to the authorities.

The reporting process will be forwarded to the services of the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (KemenPPPA). The counseling feature provides a place for counseling with doctors and psychologists. This feature also provides telephone facilities that are connected to the Friends of Women and Children Service (SAPA).

“The panic button feature draws attention from the surrounding environment if the user experiences sexual violence. By pressing the help button, the user's device emits a sound repeatedly and the screen contains a request for help. Based on the results of our survey of 57 respondents, 91.2 percent feel that this software can implement the Draft Law on the Elimination of Sexual Violence (RUU PKS) in a concrete way to elements of society," explained Muhammad, a student from the Department of Computer Science, FMIPA IPB University.

Ali added that the advantage of this software is that the design is understood by the target user. In the final stage, answering the jury's questions was not difficult for them. "Our preparation in the early stages is only a week. Our obstacle in participating in this competition is time management with lectures and organization activities, especially since the preliminary stage schedule overlaps with the midterm exam. Our future software development plan is still in the form of socialization," said Cindy, a student of the Communication Science Department. and Community Development, Faculty of Human Ecology, IPB University (Ghinaa/Zul)


Published Date : 11-Jun-2021

Resource Person : Cindy Aurellie Hutomo, Ali Naufal Ammarullah dan Muhammad Fauzan Ramadhan

Keyword : Computer Science, Science and Community Development, Software Development