Young Lecturer of IPB University Found Soybean Meal Has High Potential as Animal Feed

Nadzirum Mubin, SP, Msi, a young lecturer from the Department of Plant Protection, IPB University, visited a company in Kendal which provides raw ingredients for animal feed, 30/4. In general, feed is the main component most needed and is the component that costs the most in the livestock business.

Poultry such as chickens and ruminants (cows) are one of Indonesia's leading livestock. The demand for meat from the two livestock is very high, especially before Eid. Unfortunately, the high demand for feed is not accompanied by the availability of cheap and high quality raw ingredients.

Nadzirum had the opportunity to visit one of Najich Ahmad's animal feed companies. The idea came up when Nadzirum attended Prof Nahrowi's seminar at Hotel Santika, which discussed alternative feed for livestock from palm kernel cake. However, when discussing feed, there are not many people who are invited to discuss it. This is what made Nadzirum to visit one of the animal feed companies.

In general, feed from cereals is milled first to obtain a smoother texture. The smooth texture will later be used for raw ingredients of animal feed.

Based on Nadzirum's observations, the feed supply company he visited used another method, namely pressing the feed raw materials. Meanwhile, the uniqueness is that raw ingredients are not from whole soybeans, but come from rejected soybeans called soybean groat.

According to Nadzirum, the added value in the method used is that there are two products produced, the cake and soybean oil. When the feed ingredients are milled, the oil is still stored in the milled soybean powder, but in the pressing method, a byproduct is obtained in the form of oil as an added value.

The selling price of soybean oil is higher, around Rp. 8,300 per liter, while soybean meal or pressed meniran products costs Rp. 5,400 per kilogram.

"When compared to the direct use of soybeans as feed, whole soybeans have a relatively expensive selling price of Rp 9,000 per kilogram," said Nadzirum.

With the protein content in soybeans, he continued, which is 36 percent and a high price, breeders prefer soybean meal as an alternative feed. In fact, it is known that the protein content of soybean meal increased after pressing, reaching 46 percent.

"The price of the meal is cheap and the protein content is higher, making the soybean meal favored among by poultry breeders," he concluded. (IAAS/ISL)

Published Date : 03-May-2021

Resource Person : Nadzirum Mubin, SP, MSi

Keyword : soybean meal, alternative animal feed, animal feed