The Alumnus of IPB University, The Founder of These Two Companies, Shares His Knowledge on Organic Fertilizers.

Seed industry technology study program, the Vocational School of IPB University, held an agricultural extension webinar with the theme "Optimal Fertilizer for Agricultural Commodities," 26/5. This webinar presented an alumnus of IPB University from the Seed Industry Technology Study Program, Fatoni Saputra. Fatoni is the founder of PT Madani Agri Lestari and PT Vila Tani Indonesia.

Fatoni explained that fertilization aims to improve soil conditions, increase soil fertility, provide nutrients for plants, and reduce competition for nutrients. Complete and balanced fertilization affects plant growth and yield because it can restore lost nutrients.

Without fertilizer, said Fatoni, plants cannot grow normally. Plant needs differ in the vegetative phase. In addition, farmers must understand the varieties of plants planted and the needs of the plants.

"Fertilization should be done in the shade. The ideal time for fertilization is the afternoon before sunset, ”suggested this agronomy consultant.

He also shared his experience when he had not succeeded in growing plants on the first try. Armed with this experience, he added lime and fertilizer on the second trial and it was successful.

On this occasion, the alumnus of IPB University also explained about organic fertilization. He suggested that organic fertilization should be done gradually. Organic fertilizers should be given in large quantities for sustainable plant growth.

"Organic fertilizers cannot be given every day, preferably twice a week. Before planting, soil acidity and nutrients need to be checked and sampling is necessary, "he said.

Fatoni hopes that this webinar can help farmers and change the mindset of Indonesian farmers. "The hope is that farmers can be committed and consistent in using organic fertilizers. Don't stop doing something different, because farmers are expected to be innovative because technology will always develop. Farming in groups will make it easier for farmers to share their knowledge," he said.

Published Date : 28-May-2021

Resource Person : Fatoni Saputra

Keyword : Seed Industry Technology, Vocational Schools, Pest and Disease Control, Organic Fertilizer