IPB University Improves SOP for the 2014 and 2020 Curriculum to Integrate the ICLP Program

IPB University Deputy Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Drajat Martianto, gave direction regarding the urgency of the 2014/2020 Curriculum Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to integrate with the Independent Campus Learning Program (ICLP) to make it easier to implement in lectures. This was conveyed in the 2014 (K2014) and 2020 (K2020) Curriculum SOP Improvement Activities at the IPB International Convention Center (IICC), Bogor recently.

Apart from observing the guidelines and SOPs, improvements were also made to the guidelines and SOPs. There are at least four guidelines discussed to be refined. Namely the Capstone Guide/Eight Learning Channels, the Activating Lecturer Guide, the Enrichment Course/Multi-activity Guide, and the Problem-Based Learning (PBL)/Project-Based Learning (PjBL) Guide.

These four guidelines were examined and then presented their improvements together in a discussion attended by the vice deans of academic and student affairs from all faculties and schools at IPB University.

There are nine SOPs that have been improved, namely, SOP for Credit Earning Activities K2014 and K2020 Multi Stratification Integration ICLP; SOP for Entrepreneurship K2014 Multi Stratification Integration of ICLP, SOP for Internships and Field Work Practices (PKL) K2014 Integration of ICLP, SOP for Independent Research / Research K2014 Integration of ICLP, SOP for Village Development K2014 Integration of ICLP, SOP for Study/Independent Projects K2014 Integration of ICLP, SOP for Teaching in Schools K2014 & K2020 Multi Stratification Integration ICLP, SOP for K2014 Integration of ICLP Humanitarian Project and SOP Tracer Study K2020 Multi Stratification Integration of ICLP.

"The guidelines and SOPs discussed are a combination of parts of the K2014 and also the K2020 at the strata 1 or multi stratification level so that they can integrate more with the ongoing ICLP program”, he said.

In the final session, it was also agreed that for the socialization of the K2014-K2020 ICLP Integration Guidelines and SOPs will be presented with podcast media.

"The podcast form will present speakers from the vice deans of academics and directors at IPB University. The agreed format is in the form of interviews between the host from among the students and resource persons from the leaders involved. Podcasts will be designed in such a way as to suit the language style of students and have a duration of 10-15 minutes”, he explained. (kwt / Zul)

Published Date : 08-May-2021

Resource Person : Dr Drajat Martianto

Keyword : MBKM, IPB University