Responding to the Upcoming Threat of Brazilian Imported Chicken, This Is the View from the Halal Experts of IPB University

The emerging issue of the Brazilian imported chicken meat that has been proliferated curently, has also attract the attention of Drh Supratikno MSi PAVet, a lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, IPB University. Based on his view, this is actually not a new issue in our discourse. Even so, it does not mean that the chickens from Brazil will be easily able to enter Indonesia.

 "The import process still has to go through  procedures in accordance with the existing regulations applied. Notably in the two respective ministries, the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture and the Halal Product Guarantee Agency, "he explained.

Therefore, the importers whose applying for the import permits must be able to meet the designed requirements by these the two ministries, he further explained. One of them is that the fulfilling for safe, healthy, intact, and halal (ASUH) requirements. The ASUH requirements refer to the international standards or guidelines and these are proven by the adequacy or fulfillment of the audit results (Permentan 23 2018 article 7A).

 In addition, in terms of the halal products of animal that was organically circulating in Indonesia, they also must comply with the provisions of laws and regulations in the field of halal product assurance, proven by the halal certificate that was issued by the halal certification body which further recognized by the Indonesian halal authority.

"Currently, Indonesia already has the national standard SNI 99002 2016 regarding the halal poultry slaughter. Hence, like it or not, the products that will enter Indonesia has to manage to meet these designed requirements, "said a member of the Halal Slaughter Division, Halal Science Center (HSC), Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University.

From this perspective, he emphasizes that there is one thing that is extremely crucial, thas is the difference in the context of halal standards used by the halal certification bodies in Brazil which related to the use of slaughter machines / rotary blades. The use of this machine is indeed not permitted in the SNI 99002 2016.

"Therefore, these three institutions must ensure all of these requirements fulfilled, in order to protect the consumers and the domestic livestock industry," he further explained.

Supratikno then gave elaboration on strategic steps that the government could take into account in order to address this issue. According to him, the government needs to strengthen the synergy between related ministries and institutions, notably in terms of protecting or supporting the domestic poultry industry as well as protecting the consumers.

 The main problem with the poultry industry is about the dependence on the imports of feed raw materials, hence the policies enacted by the Ministry of Trade should simplify the process of importing feed raw materials, so that the prices can be reduced accordingly

"The Ministry of Agriculture can actually respond by increasing the production of raw materials for animal feed from within the country through the policies that can support this program. The Ministry of Agriculture must also be very careful and firm in providing recommendations for the poultry entry point in accordance with the designed regulations in the food safety, "he added.

In the niche of international trade, Supratikno explained that the Ministry of Trade should be very careful in granting import permits or recommendations. This can be done by considering domestic production and preventing the cartel system in the poultry industry, so that chicken prices do not always fluctuating and these are not controlled by a handful of parties.

 "On the other hand, the Agency for Halal Product Guarantee (BPJPH) as the designated authority in guaranteeing the halal products is also obliged to ensure that the halal status of incoming poultry from imports meets the existing standards in Indonesia. In this case, the harmonization of various standards were applied in Indonesia and those were used by the certification bodies that will be recognized or registered, is absolutely necessary, therefore, there is sort of equality of recognition, "he concluded. (Rz/Zul)

Published Date : 03-May-2021

Resource Person : Drh Supratikno MSi PAVet

Keyword : Brazilian Chicken Import, FKh, IPB University