Encourage Students to Become Millennial Farmers, Rector of IPB University Provides Land in Sukamantri

Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria again visited the Sukamantri Experiment garden, 7/5.

Prof Arif Satria said that the land in Sukamantri has been fully utilized. The 40 hectares of land is used for research, internship, production, and business.

"This business in a sense provides land for prospective millennial farmers. This effort is done so that IPB University students can become millennial farmers," said Prof Arif Satria.

He admitted that there is 31 percent of ipb university new students are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Therefore, IPB University will facilitate all students, especially those interested in agriculture.

"For students who are interested in doing business in agriculture, the land will be provided, so that students can study in the land from upstream to downstream," said Prof Arif Satria.

Prof Arif Satria hopes that with these facilities, students can become resilient millennial farmers after graduation.

Meanwhile, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture of IPB University, Dr. Sugiyanta explained that the Experimental Garden of IPB Sukamantri is used as a fruit garden and agrotourism. The main commodities grown include durian, avocado, longan, and banana. In addition, around the garden is also developed ornamental plant nursery business.

"IPB Sukamantri Garden is made as teaching industry. So an industry that supports or becomes a vehicle for education," he said.

Thus, Kebun IPB Sukamantri can be used as a place for internships, research, and start-ups. Students and the public can learn so that when ready, can do business professionally.

Dr. Sugianta mentioned, around the garden also developed ornamental plants. The development of ornamental plants involves the local community.

"There are 150 ornamental plant entrepreneurs fostered by IPB University. In the future, breeding and propagation of ornamental plants will be developed," he said.

The development is intended to produce a wide variety of ornamental plants. Thus, farmers can be facilitated and have new strains that are popular and have a high price. (RA)

Published Date : 08-May-2021

Resource Person : Prof Arif Satria, Dr Sugianta

Keyword : sukamantri garden, millennial farmers, young farmers, IPB students