Researching Rajungan, Dr. Hawis Madduppa and student in his guidance are included in 2 of the world's 20 researchers on fisheries improvement issues

 Dr Hawis Madduppa, a lecturer at IPB University from the Department of Marine Science and Technology (ITK), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) IPB University, as well as the Executive Director of the Indonesian Rajungan Management Association (APRI) received funding from the Marine Stewardship Council in the Ocean Stewardship Fund (OSF) program.  This funding program is expected to be able to help rajungan fishery in Madura Island, Indonesia, which enters the MSC Full Assessment in September 2022.

 The project, which has been implemented since 2012 by APRI as the executor, has entered the “In-Transition to MSC Full Assessment” stage, which means a new step to develop rajungan fisheries management in Indonesia.

 Dr Hawis Madduppa said that the Ocean Stewardship Fund program could give us the opportunity to continue advancing the sustainability of the crab fishery and can work with scientists to conduct research that will support healthy oceans.

 "It take steps that is not easy to move towards the MSC Full Assessment, the improvement of 28 indicators has also begun to appear in the absence of a score below <60 and will continue to be improved," said the Head of the ITK Department of IPB University.

 Another achievement related to this OSF program from IPB University who always supports the management of sustainable crab fisheries with APRI is IPB University Marine Science Postgraduate student named Anggini Fuji Astuti who also received an award written on the official website page of the Marine Stewardship Council with the research topic "Identification of Side Catch Results (Bycatch) using DNA” under the guidance of Dr Hawis Madduppa.  In conducting this research, Anggini collaborated with APRI.

 APRI will continue to collaborate with universities to develop small crab fisheries in Indonesia.  "DNA research in Indonesia is still quite limited due to the lack of tools and samples," said Anggini.  He emphasized that cooperation is needed with international organizations such as MSC which can help add expertise around the data needed for sustainable fisheries and the Ocean Stewardship Fund will help facilitate DNA research.

 This year, Dr Hawis and Anggini Fuji Astuti are 2 of the 20 selected researchers from around the world who are working to improve fisheries.

 "We would like to thank the Marine Stewardship Council and IPB University and all parties involved in developing, managing or managing small crab fisheries in Indonesia to take a step towards the MSC Full Assessment," said Dr. Hawis.  (** / Zul) (IAAS/Adv)

Published Date : 22-Apr-2021

Resource Person : Dr Hawis Madduppa

Keyword : Rajungan, Fishery, IPB University, MSC Full Assessment