Two International Awards Received by IPB University Student for Innovative “Forest Healing”

Muhammad Farhan Dirhami, student of IPB University’s Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, and his team has successfully created an alternative for mental health therapy using natural forest resources based on internet of things (IoT). For this innovation, his team was awarded with the Grand Award and the Most Outstanding Pitch at the Kryative Innovation Award 2021. The awards were both presented at the innovation awarding night by Krya Global exactly on the World Creativity and Innovation Day.

The International Kryative Innovation Award was a competition and collaboration platform in a show of creativity and innovation which supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created by the United Nations. The competition was participated by 182 participants from 25 countries all over the world.

Farhan explains that the idea for his innovation came from a personal experience where he felt pressures from multiple sides which had caused him to feel stressed and therefore look for a solution to overcome his stress. The team had developed an initial model of a mean to overcome stress with the help if natural forests named “forest healing”. The idea had previously won a gold medal at the National Student Science Week in 2020.

Forest healing uses forest resources to improve health conditions as well as the value of the forest ecosystem. It is a new alternative in Indonesia for the intervention of physical and mental health which could decrease stress levels in society.

In his journey of innovation, Farhan admitted that personal experience, supported by his background in computer science, was the main factor which had motivated him to develop an alternative solution for overcoming stress which is becoming more prevalent in society due to the pandemic.

Farhan conveyed that the developing team came from different backgrounds which had supported each part of the product development. The team was composed of Rio Kevin from Business School, Aldi Lesmana from the Department of Physics, Muhammad Rifqi Janjani from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and Farhan himself from the Department of Computer Science. This collaboration of different backgrounds is what made the team uniquely different from other teams.

During the course of the competition, Farhan and his team had faced several difficulties in coordinating long distances and the limitations posed by the facilities they own. However, the issues were solved with the support of many parties. They are especially grateful towards Dean Apriana as the supervisor, the organizers of the competition, IPB University, as well as their families and friends who had enabled them to receive those achievements.
He also stressed his hopes for other young students to have more spirit and confidence in developing their potentials and create new innovations which could solve problems faced by society.

Published Date : 23-Apr-2021

Resource Person : Muhammad Farhan Dirhami

Keyword : Forest Healing, International Kryative Innovation Award, IPB University, Students