Dr Tin Herawati: Education and Pre-Marriage Guidance Helps Family Readiness

Human resources (HR) are the most important aspects needed to advance a nation. Human resource development of a country cannot be separated from the role of the family as the smallest unit in society. The family is the first and foremost environment in fostering growth and development, instilling moral values and shaping the personality of each individual in society.

"Quality human resources are produced from families who carry out family functions well. Given the important role of the family in producing quality human resources, to enter the gate of family life must be well prepared. Good preparation to build a family life will make it easier for married couples to carry out their roles to fulfill family functions, achieve optimal marriage quality so as to avoid divorce, "said Dr. Tin Herawati, Head of Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (IKK), Faculty of Human Ecology (Fema) IPB University.

According to the Director General of the Religious Courts of the Supreme Court (2020), there has been an increase in the number of divorces in the 2016-2019 period. In 2019, the figure reached 480,618 cases and increased to 72,416 cases from the previous year.
This data shows that the highest divorce rate occurs at the age of 0-5 years of marriage. When viewed from the age of marriage, the highest divorce rate occurs in young couples. The high number of young couples who divorce indicates that many young couples have not paid attention to their readiness to enter family life.

"The results showed that only a few of the adolescents had received sufficient information about family life from their families and the environment. There are still many adolescents or premarital age who don’t realize the need for careful preparation and planning before starting family life. Low readiness in family life will result in low understanding of family life, including not understanding in carrying out roles and duties in family life so that it can lead to divorce and failure in marriage. Therefore, good preparation for entering family life is very important to achieve success in a family, ”she explained.

According to Dr Tin, to achieve success in family life, it is not only necessary to be prepared after marriage but also to be prepared before marriage. Therefore, guidance or education related to the preparation and planning of family life is needed in the adolescent or premarital age group.
Several research results indicate that the intervention program carried out at pre-marital age has proven to be quite effective in increasing knowledge and skills in family life. Teenagers and pre-marital age students who take part in the family life preparation program have a better level of family life knowledge, social skills and marriage readiness. A good marriage readiness can reduce the rate of divorce.

Education or pre-marriage guidance can be carried out by various parties, including universities, through student activities. In its implementation, this activity must collaborate with related parties, bearing in mind that family preparation must be considered in several aspects. Such as age, physical, economic, mental, emotional, social, interpersonal, life skills and readiness in family life.

"The period of COVID-19 pandemic can be used to provide extensive online education to adolescents or pre-marital age groups throughout Indonesia about family life planning, so that one day they can create a harmonious, happy and prosperous family and then be able to produce quality human resources," she added. (** / Zul) IAAS/AML


Published Date : 23-Mar-2021

Resource Person : Dr Tin Herawati

Keyword : Early Marriage, IKK, Fema, IPB University