Read this Information to Know about IPB University Written Test

IPB University already held computerized written based test (UTM-BK) since 2019. The UTM-BK test is one of the independent admissions for IPB undergraduate programs. On 2019, there are two tests used for UTM-BK, first one is computer based test and the other is using National UTBK score test.

Dr. Rajat Martjanto, Deputy Rector for Education and Student Affairs IPB University said in pandemic Covid-19 era, UTM-BK on 2021 was held online from each individual houses.

UTM-BK applies for regular classes and International Class Batch 2. more information about International classes can be seen at

Important date for UTM-BK:

Registration Date                          : June 1st-July 2nd

Selection Program                        : Mid July

UTBK Result Announcement      : July 20th

Online Registration                      : July 20th-24th

Tuition Fee Announcement        : July 26th

Tuition Fee Payment                    : July 26th-31st

UTM-BK Test Date                        : July 10th

Selection Program                        : Mid July

First Lecture Program                  : August 16th

He added that the material being tested for UTM-BK undergraduate program (S1) is scholastic ability test with Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) problems with 25 questions in 60 minutes.

The assessment system that carried out are

(1) For multiple choice                   : 100 percent correct, -25 percent false, 0 percent blank

(2) For other types of questions   : 100 percent correct, 0 percent wrong or zero

For international classes, the test will be held with English.

The terms and conditions for participants of UTM-BK IPB University in 2021 are graduates of SMA/MA/ SMK with science major from 2019, 2020, or 2021.

Registration is done through the registration UTM-BK participants can choose one or two study programs offered. Participants are allowed to choose the third option, the choice of IPB University, if the participants are not accepted in choice 1 and choice 2 as long as their score meets the requirements and there’s quota left.

UTM-BK international classes participants must take the test in English. Information about international classes can be found at (Awl/RA)



Published Date : 23-Feb-2021

Resource Person : Dr Drajat Martianto

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