Strengthening Science Data Development, FPIK IPB University Holds R Program Training

Data science is a mix of tools, algorithms and machine learning principles to find hidden patterns in raw data. In today's data science, especially in the era of big data, a data scientist must have the basic skills of three main disciplines, namely mathematics, computer science and expertise in the field that is pursued and combined with statistical ability, data processing and machine learning.

This was conveyed by Prof. Dr. Mennofatria Boer, professor of IPB University from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) in A Half-Day Course on R Program for Fisheries Resources Management" at FPIK IPB University, not long ago. According to him, the R program is one of the skills and software that is popular today.

Meanwhile, The Dean of FPIK, Dr. Luky Adrianto in his speech said that data is transdisciplinary science. And no less important is the articulation of existing data, both qualitative and quantitative data and participatory approach, especially for policy purposes through simulations built. Therefore, the skill of using analytical tools becomes an inevitability in facilitating and accelerating analysis and policy making, especially indonesia has a large area of water. Thus, support for the management of Fishery Management Areas (WPP) can be achieved.

"This activity is an initial initiation for scientific and capacity development activities related to the future use of the R program in the field of fishery resource management. Specifically, this activity aims to introduce and strengthen the network of users of the R program to support the management of fishery resources, semantics of the implementation of R program training activities and the forerunner of the R program center in the FPIK environment," he said.

In this training, participants learn to create algorithms and run scripts in R Studio, downloading the software, installation, structure of required data, visualization and interpretation of results.

Enthusiastic participants who are very good at this activity will be considered to realize the center of R program development at FPIK IPB University and training periodically in accordance with the growing topic. Therefore, it is expected that it will be one of the supporters in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG 14.  (IAAS/NAS)

Published Date : 04-Jan-2021

Resource Person : Prof Dr Mennofatria Boer, Dr Luky Adrianto

Keyword : R Program Training, IPB University, FPIK IPB, IPB lecturer