Collaboration between IPB University, WUR, Farmers, and Industry to Produce High Quality Products

IPB University’s Faculty of Animal Husbandry has organized an online seminar for the Sustainable Intensification Dairy Production Indonesia Project (SIDPI), on January 13th. This program is composed of research and community empowerment, especially aimed for dairy farmers in Lembang, Bandung, West Java. This event was held to socialize the results of SIDPI programs to the farmers through institutions in the national and local levels.

SIDPI Programs are collaborative programs between IPB University and Wageningen University and Research (WUR), Cattle Breeders Cooperative of North Bandung, Lembang (KPSBU), PT Trouw Nutrition Indonesia, and Frisian Flag Indonesia. This program has been held for the last 3,5 years since 2016 to 2019. The focus of this program is on how to increase farmers’ incomes and to increase productivity of dairy farms through the repair of livestock feed management.

Dr Rudi Afnan, Vice Dean of Faculty of Animal Science, IPB University, has mentioned that SIDPI was designed as a pilot project in Lembang. The activities focused on increasing the knowledge of dairy cow farmers and the management of fertilizer from livestock farming waste.  This program is hoped to increase the health and produce of dairy cows, reduce the cost of feed, increase the efficiency of resource usage, and increase the income of small-scale farmers. Moreover, this program also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Dr Rudi conveys his hopes for stronger partnerships to be established for the advancement of Indonesian farms, oriented to environment sustainability.

Present as the main speaker was Dr Nasrullah from the Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health, the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, Gemma Verijdt from the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality, the Netherlands and Dr Marion De Vries, from Wageningen University and Research (WUR) who explained about the SIDPI program.

Gemma Verijdt explained how the government of the Netherlands has made agreements with the private sector, local government and people to reduce carbon emission. Through this agreement, a number of 16% less methane gas emission from farms is targeted by 2030. For that, an integrated environmental approach must be kept ongoing, with collaborative efforts with other countries, one of which is Indonesia. 

Gemma further explained that research and innovation to reduce emissions in the animal husbandry sector should be done continuously, especially in the management of waste and an environmentally friendly farming system. The farming system poses as the main challenge in creating an integrated waste management system. Gemma conveyed that the system is being developed together with various partners.

Dr Marion, on the other hand, explained about the success of the SIDPI program. As a result of this program, it shows that feed management can increase livestock health and milk production. She explained that there has been an increase of about 0,7 kilograms of milk per cow per day. Through this program, the efficiency of the resources can be used to reduce costs and emissions which has adverse effects on the environment.

Reducing emissions is done by managing the animals’ biowaste and reducing the amount of livestock biowaste which are disregarded. These efforts are done to reduce pollution in the rivers and groundwater. This pilot project involves KSPBU Lembang farmers and researchers from IPB University and Wageningen University and Research. In the future, the program will be developed even more to accommodate for 4500 farmers in West Java.

This seminar also invites several other speakers who are involved in the SIDPI program. Among them are Windi Al Zahra, alumni of IPB University’s Faculty of Animal Science who is currently pursuing her studies in Wageningen University and Research (WUR), Bram Wouters from Wageningen University and Research (WUR), and Drs Dedi Setiadi from KPSBU Lembang.

Published Date : 18-Jan-2021

Resource Person : Dr Rudi Afnan, Dr Nasrullah, Dr Marion

Keyword : SIDPI, Faculty of Animal Science IPB University, Wageningen University Research, Local Dairy Cow Breeder