College of Vocational Studies IPB University Encourages the Digitalization of Agricultural Extension

The Agricultural Production Technology and Community Development Study Program, College of Vocational Studies (SV) IPB University encourages the digitization process of agricultural extension workers. Regarding this, Prof. Dr. Sumardjo, a lecturer at IPB University who is a professor in the field of development extension said, the skills that agricultural extension workers must master in the new normal era are mastery of media and technology to effective communication skills.

The challenge for extension workers in this digital era is that they have to be adaptive, reciprocate information and use it for extension activities and introduce utilization tricks to farmers. Cyber Extension and Media Forum are a form of synergy in the development education and communication system, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the agricultural extension worker and blogger, Evrina Budiastuti, SP believes that there are four aspects in the effort to improve digital information systems to support agricultural extension workers. Among them are social media, teleconferences, vlogs and blogs. "I see the cyber extension as a digital counseling center. Cyber Extension is an agricultural platform for the delivery of materials and information to help outreach actors," she said.

The young alumni of IPB University who are the Ambassador of Millennial Farmers of the Ministry of Agriculture, Sandi Octa Susila advised young people to think much faster in responding to the challenges of the times.

Sandi explained the range selter technology, a technology digitization program that is the result of collaboration with Telkom Indonesia which is applied in the trial area. This web-based technology allows users to see the condition of each land being cultivated.

"Digitalization is very possible for us to apply in the field, but it cannot be done only with farmers, but there must be involvement of millennial farmers," he concluded. (IAAS/ELS)




Published Date : 18-Aug-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Sumardjo

Keyword : College of Vocational Studies, Millennial Farmers, IPB University, Extension Worker