Blessing of Eid Al-Adha, SES-C IPB University Sharing Sacrifice in the Fostered Village

The Sharia Economic Student Club (SES-C) of IPB University utilizes the momentum of Eid al-Adha by sharing blessings through the work program SES-C Berqurban. SES-C Berqurban is a joint program of donors with a free nominal. Proceeds from donations that collected were used to buy sacrificial animals distributed in the fostered village, Kebon Kopi village, Ciampea, Bogor.

This year, SES-C IPB University managed to collect some donations that can buy one goat and one sheep. The giving of sacrificial animals was represented by the chairman of SES-C, Raul Ranatama, to the Chairman of RW 10, Picis, (30/7).

The process of slaughtering sacrificial animals was held in Kebon Kopi Village on Friday morning (7/31). One goat was slaughtered in the name of one of the sacrificial animal donors, while one donated sheep was given to one of the villagers, Muhammad Yusup. Yusup was chosen as "shohibul qurban" of the donation results because he is an elderly person in the village who has not been able to sacrifice because of financial constraints.

"Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to sacrifice. This is the sustenance that comes from an unexpected direction. I am sure that if Allah has determined so much fortune, surely they will be given so much too," said Yusup.

After the process of slaughtering sacrificial animals, the sacrificial animals' meat is distributed to local villagers in accordance with its portion. This activity is expected to be a place for others to sacrifice and at the same time give charity, as well as the welfare of the people of the village of Kebon Kopi.




Published Date : 04-Aug-2020

Resource Person : Muhammad Yusup

Keyword : SESC IPB, IPB students, Sacrifice