Utilize Used Buckets, IPB University Student Teaches Aquaculture in Buckets in Glonggong Vilage, Brebes

The team of students in Kuliah Kerja Nyata Tematik (KKN-T) program IPB University does an aquaculture in buckets program (budikdamber) in Glonggong Village, Wanasari Kecamatan, Brebes Kabupaten by also implementing COVID-19 protocols to reduce infection spread.

The Head of Glonggong Village, Muh Amrun Hakim was present in the event and expressed gratitude to the KKN-T IPB University team in running the aquaculture in buckets (budikdamber) program to motivate the village communities to develop businesses in the fishery sector, aside from agriculture, which is the main work for the people of Glonggong Village. “The aquaculture in buckets activity is very useful for the people, I’m thankful to our KKN-T IPB University student partners for teaching our people in catfish aquaculture in buckets for the household scale,” he adds. Looking that the people’s interest in fisheries is high, many people have independently raised their own fish in their house area. This is mostly considered a side job while waiting for shallots to fully ripen, as it is Glonggong Village’s main agriculture commodity.

“The execution of the aquaculture in buckets is very interesting. I appreciate the students’ ideas to utilize tool and items from our environment that are underused, in addition to simple practices, this can be done in the scale of households. I’m enthusiastically following the program’s development. As a mother, fish and vegetables is one our primary needs to fulfill the family’s food needs,” said Rokhimi, one of the program’s participants.

With the existence of this program, the KKN-T IPB University team in North Brebes hopes the program can increase Glonggong Village people’s motivation in developing businesses in aquaculture to support food needs and extra income. “I hope this program can facilitate Glonggong Village’s people to increase interest and motivation in aquaculture businesses. We also distributed masks as our form of obeying the government’s efforts reduce COVID-19’s spread,” said Adi Bagus Siswoyo, KKN-T IPB University Brebes Utara team leader.

This activity is continued with routine monitoring in care up to its harvest through online and offline media. Online monitoring utilizes whatsapp groups with students and program participants, while offline monitoring is done by visiting the participants houses regularly. Monitoring is done as the students’ effort to ensure the success of the program.(IAAS/RCD)


Published Date : 21-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Adi Bagus Siswoyo

Keyword : KKNT North Brebres, Catfish Aquaculture in Buckets, KKN Students