Millennial Farmers Graduated from IPB University: Opportunities in the Fruit and Vegetable Market Are Still Widely Open

In order to provide briefing to IPB University students who will run the Thematic Work Study (KKN) program, the Directorate of Alumni Relations and Cooperation and the Central Leadership Council (DPP) of the Alumni Association of IPB University presents successful alumni in the field of sociopreneur. In the "Alumni Insights" with the theme Getting Motivated and Learning to Succeed: "Become a TechnoSociopreneur", Owner of STJ Farm Entrepreneur, Sutarjo was present as a speaker, (2/7).

According to Sutarjo, the reason for choosing to become a farmer is because of the high gap between the value of imports and the value of fruit and vegetable consumption. The gap from fruit and vegetable suppliers in Indonesia is still minus 27 million tons per year, equivalent to 18,909 million dollars.  "That is a great opportunity for fruit and vegetable farmers in Indonesia," said Sutarjo, an alumni of IPB University from the Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, (2/7). In addition, according to him, other reasons are due to the low number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia and the lack of youth participants specifically in agricultural business.

As an agricultural scholar, Sutarjo was called upon to go directly into a farmer. Of course he is a millennial farmer. Sutarjo invited the participants to participate in entrepreneurship, especially in agriculture. Because the market share is still wide. However, he also advised that before starting an entrepreneurship in agriculture, it is clear how to target the market share. "I often train my fellow students for a day or two, they are very resilient and have succeeded in farming. But they are still confused about looking for markets. For this reason, it is necessary to conduct a market analysis before starting," he said.

Sutarjo is an entrepreneur based on agricultural products and services. Agricultural products in the form of fresh fruit products, fruit seeds and fruit plants in pots (tabulampot). For agricultural services in the form of agroedutourism and agricultural training. Fresh fruit products from this company are already famous for their quality, namely red, white and black dragon fruit, then guava crystal and papaya calina.

"We often train IPB University students in our garden. Generally the younger siblings who join the Bidikmisi scholarship beneficiaries, "he said. The advantage of his STJ Farm fruit product is in its quality without chemicals. According to him the dragon fruit that he produces can last up to 10 days if stored at room temperature and can last nearly 2 months if stored in the refrigerator. This scholar farmer often expresses his motto, "If you don't become the first, be different. Because that's our competitiveness, "he said. (IAAS / NAS)



Published Date : 04-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Sutarjo

Keyword : IPB University Alumni, Bachelor farmers, millennial farmers, dragon fruit, IPB Alumni Association