KKN-T Students of IPB University Taught Residents of Cikarawang Village to Make Yogurt

IPB University students who participate in the Real-Thematic Work Lecture (KKN-T) 2020 trained mothers of PKH members in Cikarawang Village, Bogor Regency, to make Yogurt, (27/7). Yogurt is a fermented product from pure cow's milk using lactic acid bacterial culture. One of the benefits of yogurt is to strengthen the immune system. During this pandemic, maintaining the body's immune system is important to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 virus.

"This training is expected to be beneficial to the community, both in terms of making, packaging, and as knowledge about the benefits of yogurt. One of them is to increase immunity especially during this pandemic. In addition, the training on milk fermented products is expected to be one of the efforts to develop the community's economy with easy-to-find materials." said Kevin Erlangga as the Chairperson of KKN-T Group in Cikarawang Village.

This training was carried out during the pandemic and implemented health protocols. "Maintaining health, obeying to applied protocols, practicing social distancing, and keep paying attention to the duration of training although it’s in the green zone." said Dr. Sri Darwati as a Field Supervisor Lecturer (DPL) of the KKN-T team of IPB University Village Cikarawang. (IAAS/NRF)



Published Date : 28-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Kevin Erlangga

Keyword : COVID-19 Pandemic, KKNT, IPB Student