IPB University Holds International Program Awards

Throughout 2020, various achievements were continuously achieved by IPB University. In addition to being the Best National University version of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) 2020, IPB University's ranking on the international scene also continues to rise.

Therefore, the Directorate of International Programs of IPB University held the International Program Awards, (17/12). This award was given as a form of appreciation for the contribution of work units / community to the achievement of ipb university's international reputation. There are four award categories awarded this year. Namely Seminar Organizers / Workshops / International Symposiums, International Summer Course Organizers, International Data Contributors and Managers of Indexed Journals Scopus.

"IPB University is currently in the World Top 60 (59th position) and Top 10 Asia in the QS World University Ranking by Subject on Agriculture and Forestry. For the rating of THE Impact Rankings version, IPB University is also ranked 77th in the world," said Prof. Dodik R Nurrochmat, Vice Rector for Cooperation and Information Systems of IPB University at the opening of the International Program Awards at THE IPB International Convention Center (IICC).

Got a achievement, said Prof. Dodik, is none other than the hard work of the civitas and motivation from the Rector. Not to forget, Prof. Dodik thanked for the participation of all parties in preparing all the successes achieved.

The same thing was conveyed by the Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria. In his speech, he said that the luck achieved by IPB University is a wedge between opportunity and preparation. He constantly reminds and encourages the civitas to prepare as well as possible, especially the accuracy of data. He also divulged the reason why IPB University is able to outperform other campuses and become number one in Indonesia.


"In 2019 I told the deans that in 2020 we will be ranked number one. We must be optimistic, God willing achieved. Why do we get the first rank, because our data is complete once, every week I collect. Because preparation is very important because it plays a role in producing our position," he explained. The achievements achieved by IPB University so far, continued Prof. Arif, are not just an event for demonstrations. But all of that in order to continue to improve the quality of research and education in IPB University to be able to provide great benefits for the wider community. Ranking is only a small part of an even bigger goal, says Prof Arif.





The names that won this year's International Program Awards are as follows:

1. Organizer of International Seminars, Workshops, and Symposiums in 2020

- Gold Award - International Conference on Computer Science and Its Application in Agriculture (ICOSICA), Department of Computer Science

- Silver Award - Embryo International Workshop (EIW), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences

- Bronze Award - International E-Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Farming System (ICoSAFS), Faculty of Agriculture


2. International Summer Course Organizers 2020

- Gold Award - The 2nd International Summer Course on Sustainability of Tropical Animal Production, Vocational School

- Silver Award - Business Innovation and Management 2020, Business School

- Bronze Award - Sustainability, Community Development, and Natural Resource Management, Department of Resource Economics and Environment


3. International Data Contributors in 2020 Department Category

- Gold Award - Department of Food Science and Technology

- Silver Award - Department of Livestock Production and Technology

- Bronze Award - Department of Agronomy and Horticulture


4. International Data Contributors 2020 Study Center Category

- Gold Award - Center for Conflict Resolution Studies

- Silver Award - Center for The Development of Agriculture and Food Sciences and Food In Southeast Asia/SEAFAST

- Bronze Award - Center for International Studies in Applied Economics and Finance


5. Scopus Indexed Journal Manager year 2020

- Manager of HAYATI Journal of Biosciences

- Manager of Tropical Animal Science Journal

- Manager of BIOTROPIA Journal, The Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Biology

- Manager of Tropical Forest Management Journal



6. Life Achievement Award

- Prof Anas Miftah Fauzi

Published Date : 18-Dec-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dodik R Nurrochmat, Prof Arif Satria

Keyword : Awards, IPB University, Award