This is How Himakua IPB University Practices Fishery Cultivation Business

IPB University students who are members of the Production Bureau, Aquaculture Student Association (Himakua), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK), Suka Cita Cabinet visited Fishtipeace in Sukadamai Village, Bogor last week. This visit was carried out as their first step to collaborating with Fishtipeace.

Himakua wants to expand the commodities to be produced. In the previous year, the Himakua Production Bureau had succeeded in cultivating various kinds of ornamental fish and this year we will produce ornamental fish, consumption fish and natural food. "This visit is also our first step to learn more about consumption fish cultivation activities together with alumni and build good relationships with alumni," said M Roikhan Amanullah, a student from Himakua.

Fishtipeace is a fishery business founded by Utomo Adinugroho, IPB University Alumni from the Department of Aquaculture, FPIK. After graduating, Utomo and his friends saw an opportunity for an unused pool, so Fishtipeace has started until now. Fish farmed in Fishtipeace are red tilapia, black tilapia and catfish. Currently, Fishtipeace can harvest 2,500 kilograms of fish in a single cycle for tilapia. As for catfish as much as 500 kilograms per cycle. (IAAS/YN)

Published Date : 30-Dec-2020

Resource Person : M Roikhan Amanullah

Keyword : Himakua, Aquaculture, FPIK, Fisheries, IPB University