Professor of IPB University Propose to Develop National Fish Oil to KKP

Prof. Dr. Sugeng Heri Suseno, Professor of IPB University was present in a webinar titled "Work Copyright Law and Quality Assurance System and Safety of Fishery Products" online held by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), 16/12. Representing elements of academia, Prof. Sugeng discussed the topic of innovation in the processing industry of fishery products in the form of national fish oil. Such innovations are important because fish oil has an important role to human health and nutrition because of its omega 3 content. The world's oil needs are also rumored to continue to increase so that with the wealth of fishery resources, the export potential of Indonesian fish oil can also be increased.

"The potential of Indonesian fish oil is quite large, which is above 12,000 tons / year. However, there are some problems and challenges in its development because it is still dependent on catches and has not met food standards. In addition, there is no Indonesian National Standard (SNI) for food and dietary supplements from fish oil and producers do not yet know the secondary oxidation test that is important for determining its quality," he explained.

The government has not yet established fish oil production as one of the main programs. Whereas the content of omega 3 in sea fish such as sardines, tuna and Indonesian snapper is very high even in its by product.  The quality of Indonesian fish oil is still just the quality of feed and not pure or still crude. He mentioned that there are several national fish oil independence strategies that can be applied. For example, optimization by product processing of fishery products. Research revealed that the omega 3 content in tuna tails that are often discarded as waste, is unusually high, reaching 29.44 percent.

By increasing the added value of tuna processing results, profit prediction can reach 3.8 billion per month with a production capacity of 20 tons of tuna fish per day. Such capacity can produce 96 tons of crude oil equivalent to 76 kilograms (kg) of pure oil. Through refining, the price of crude oil that was rp 20,000 per kg will double to Rp 4 million per kg in the form of softgel. "Now this is the importance of how to increase the added value of products so as to improve the competitiveness of the nation," he said.

Another strategic action is to monitor and conduct commercial fish oil testing, as well as make follow-up results of the formulation of SNI fish oil consumption and develop SNI p-anisidin testing method. The formulation of SNI has been done together with the Komtek KKP Team. Propose and include the name of Indonesian fish oil in codex nomenclature, such as sardine oil and tilapia oil. Sardines and tilapia are potential proposals submitted for oil nomension based on high omega 3 content, rendemen and availability of raw materials. Indonesian sardines oil itself has been included in the high trade category with a production capacity of 10,000 tons per year. Even its omega 3 content is higher than salmon oil. The plan to establish a national fish oil research laboratory and find and implement fish oil purification technology is also carried out by funding the Ministry of Research and Technology/ Research and Innovation Agency. (IAAS/NAS)

Published Date : 17-Dec-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Sugeng Heri Suseno

Keyword : Fish Oil, Sardines, KKP, FPIK, IPB University