Prof Dr Sedarnawati Yasni Food Expert Creates Five Kinds of Processed Foods from Purple Sweet Potato, Suitable for Diabetes

Expert from IPB University's Department of Food Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Sedarnawati Yasni sees that the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly not going to pass in a fast time and is already damaging all aspects of life. One of them is going to be a food crisis.

Proactive action on possible food crises due to pandemics can be overcome through the utilization of food types of carbohydrate sources. The report from the Ministry of Agriculture states Indonesia has 77 known types of carbohydrate sources, which are aligned with local food product improvement programs to support the government's non-competitive food diversification movement.

Professors who focus their research on the development of local potential, especially these tubers see that every region in Indonesia has different local potentials that can be developed. For example, tuber plants that can be used as rice substitutions.

The utilization and development of local potential, especially tubers, can be directed at the development of traditional food forms by giving the technology a touch. The addition of spice extract flavors as a form of diversification of processed products can also be done. It also increases its benefits for the health of body.

In her research, Prof. Sedarnawati focused on purple sweet potatoes because they were driven by information about its potential active components as an anti-cancer. In addition, sweet potato is one of the leading commodities of research from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Through research cooperation with Balai Pascapanen and the procurement of purple sweet potatoes by the Center for Research on Nuts and Tubers in Malang, Prof. Sedarnawati successfully developed a product of cookies from purple sweet potato paste (puree) for diabetics. This innovation was awarded as the Most Prospective Indonesian Innovation in 2012. While the product of starch biscuits slow digest purple sweet potato for diabetics was awarded as the Most Prospective Indonesia Innovation in 2016 from the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti).

From two types of development products made from purple sweet potato is introduced aspects of pasta processing technology and starch processing technology. Followed by the technique of fractionation of starch composition based on the speed of digestion and the type of processed products cookies and biscuits as snacks. Targeted products for diabetics were obtained from the results of studies in diabetic-induced mice using streptozotocin.

In her research, it was proven that cookies products from purple sweet potato paste (puree) were able to lower the blood glucose of mice significantly by 70.5 percent as well as a tendency to lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Histopathological analysis of pancreatic tissue shows that purple sweet potato paste cookies are able to protect against damage due to oxidative stress that commonly occurs in hyperglycemia conditions.

"Thus it can be said that functional food development in the form of purple sweet potato paste cookies is not only a form of local food diversification, but is able to modify the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in the body. This is important in preventing the risk of degenerative diseases," she said.

In addition to cookies and purple sweet potato biscuits, Prof Sedarnawati also developed non-gluten macaroni, non-gluten flakes of purple sweet potato starch and cinnamon-rich shakes. Each type of product has been developed diversifying flavors with cinnamon extract and ginger extract, although preferred cinnamon flavors.

"Looking at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic aspect with the increasing number of unemployed, these four products can be used as products for small and medium industry development through government partners, academics, private, public, and media. So that local potential can be utilized optimally, open new jobs or development of productive economic efforts in the field of food to reduce unemployment, and farmers become more prosperous," she explained. (IAAS/NAS)

Published Date : 03-Nov-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Sedarnawati Yasni

Keyword : Prof Sedarnawati, purple yam, nut research center, food expert, lecturer of IPB University