LPPM IPB University Collaborates with LPPM Unila to Develop People's Animal Husbandry School in Lampung

The Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University visited the University of Lampung (Unila) to develop the People's Animal Husbandry School (SPR) in Lampung earlier this week. In this visit, LPPM IPB University was represented by Dr. Sofyan Sjaf (Deputy Head of Community Service), Prof. Muladno (Chair of SPR), and Danang Aria Nugroho, SE.

"This People's Animal Husbandry School has a noble value for the welfare of the people, for that LPPM Unila and the Faculty of Agriculture are ready to help develop SPR in Lampung," said the Head of LPPM Unila, Dr. Lusmeilia Afrian.

Dr. Lusmeilia Afrian also said that this meeting meant the first step for LPPM Unila to collaborate with LPPM IPB University in terms of knowledge transfer and dissemination actions to the people of Lampung and also to develop the potentials in Lampung Province.

On this occasion, Dr. Sofyan Sjaf revealed that LPPM in universities throughout Indonesia must work together to create the welfare of society and educate the nation's life. "Higher education, especially LPPM, as an institution that has a strategic role in carrying out the mandate of education, must be able to present knowledge and innovation as a basis for development in society," said Dr. Sofyan Sjaf.

The People's Animal Husbandry School has been one of the real actions of LPPM IPB University, which is present in the community to implement collective work, congregational, to achieve mutual prosperity. Prof. Muladno, as Chair of SPR, hopes that LPPM Unila can become a scientific partner for the people of the Lampung area so that they can work together to build breeders to be sovereign and independent. (IAAS/ASH)

Published Date : 20-Nov-2020

Resource Person : Dr Lusmeilia Afrian

Keyword : SPR, Animal Husbandry, LPPM, Unila, IPB University