IPB University's Young Alumnus Shares The Story of How to Be Entrepreneurial While Studying

Directorate of Cooperation and Alumni Relations (DKHA) in collaboration with the Alumni Association of IPB University again held an Alumni Insight webinar titled "Break Your Limit" online, 28/11. This time, the speaker presented was Tekad Urip P Sujarnoko as CEO of PT Agro Apis Palacio.  This IPB University alumnus from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry shares about how to harmonize between lectures and entrepreneur activities.

In his explanation, he told about his experience during his time in the company engaged in animal feed, non-B3 waste treatment (hazardous and toxic materials), and sheep. He started his business very early, when he was in fifth semester in 2010.  The entrepreneurial spirit he gained for his love of animal husbandry.

"There are still many students who are banging between college and entrepreneurship. In addition, there are also many students who are concerned about the capital of money and expertise," he explained.  He mentioned that this is not the main problem, but the lack of vision and mission that plays the most role. According to him, courage is also an important capital in entrepreneurship. Surely accompanied by the right calculations. Furthermore, he explained, being an entrepreneur must have a good educational background because in it there is a different system with traders. Students have also been educated to think systematically, from making research-based products to becoming the final product.  This systematic thinking, he said, is very important so that in undergoing business is not haphazard.

"Many companies are failing and experiencing bankruptcy or stagnation due to lack of systematic thinking. Employers should not follow the flow of wind, but must have a clear direction and purpose," he added. He also mentioned, as an entrepreneur must be ready to work harder if you want to achieve goals. The capital is not only money, but also creative thinking, especially in the digital age as it is today. Not only that, having broad friendships is also important for exploring information and data useful in drawing conclusions.

"We must begin to have big dreams, great visions, and must be balanced with hard work. Because many of us are just dreaming, but lazy to do," he said. He said the efforts would not betray results. Prospective entrepreneurs must be confident and be optimistic, despite occasional failures. In the world of entrepreneurship, knowledge will be more meaningful when applied in entrepreneurship. The knowledge gained in college will contribute greatly in entrepreneurship. So that studying is not just to get a diploma or a degree. (IAAS/NAS)

Published Date : 30-Nov-2020

Resource Person : Tekad Urip P Sujarnoko

Keyword : Alumni IPB, Alumni Insights, Entrepreneurship, bisnis, wirausaha, bisnis ternak