Alumnus of IPB University Director of Bappenas Shares Career Success Tips

The Alumni Insight webinar held by the Directorate of Cooperation and Alumni Relations (DKHA) together with the IPB University Alumni Association is back online, (28/11). The event themed "Break Your Limit" invited several speakers from IPB University alumni. One of them is Dr Pungkas Bahjuri Ali, an alumnus of the Department of Food Science and Technology who is now the Director of Public Health and Nutrition, Ministry of National Development Planning (PPN) / National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas).

On this occasion, he shared tips to students and alumni on how to optimize their potential in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  He mentioned that his success until now has not escaped his hard work in college. He diligently contributes to student organizations that become his means to build soft skills. Soft skills can be in the form of the ability to collaborate or manage time.

According to him, IPB University alumni do not necessarily have to dive into agriculture, but can lead to any field. The key is always to be optimistic, work hard, and want to learn. During his activities at Bappenas, he has honed his skills in planning and budgeting.  In addition, he also learned about program budget and coordination. He also often gets the opportunity to attend various trainings and meet important figures such as who (World Health Organization) officials. Through this opportunity, he also had the opportunity to visit Indonesia and visit several countries. He hopes that his experience can be a motivation especially for students.

He also hopes that in the pandemic, students can be good at utilizing technology. The potential of modern technology can be a path to success, both in business and in other fields. The motivation for him to achieve success is good character, always optimistic and hard work, Never satisfied with self-gain and rarely complain about the difficulties that exist. It is also important to build a wide network and insights. A broad way of thinking is also considered important, supported by good social skills. The ability to socialize and cooperate is crucial in the world of work because individual work is almost eroded by the times. It is also important for students to set the target limit as high as possible, so that they are more trained. "We have to work hard and go the extra mile, don't set low targets, our limits are not low," he explained.

An optimistic attitude when followed by hard work is a priority. According to him, if someone has given up before the war then success is just a dream. It is important for someone to work as well as possible when faced with a job. He also advised not to get too carried away with the theory in dealing with problems, because the facts in the field can vary. So that one is required to always be able to adapt and think creatively in solving problems. (IAAS/NAS)

Published Date : 30-Nov-2020

Resource Person : Dr Pungkas Bahjuri Ali

Keyword : IPB Alumni, Alumni Insights, Entrepreneurship