Summer Course Online Center for Primate Animal Studies IPB University Followed Participants 21 Countries

In commemoration of its 30th anniversary, the Center for Primate Animal Studies, Research and Community Service Institute (PSSP-LPPM) IPB University held an Online Summer Course for five days. This summer course is themed "Glossary of Scientific to Support Primates Ecology and Conservation".

"This event aims to introduce primate science more broadly so that trainees can understand primate animals in general, understand taxonomy, observation techniques and methods for surveying primate populations and biological sampling, understanding the conflicts that occur between humans and primates and the possibility of zoonotic disease transmission, as well as ethics that must be understood when conducting research using primate animals both in the laboratory and in nature " said the Head of PSSP IPB University, Dr drh Huda S Darusman.

According to him, the participants of this summer course are undergraduate, s2 and s3 students who have an interest in primatology. There are 150 participants from 21 countries such as India, Banglades, Nepal, Malaysia, Argentina, Chilli, Philippines, Australia, Peru, USA and more. The Summer course, which closes October 9, also features the best speakers in the field. Prof Jann Hau from the University of Coppenhagen, Prof Randall C Kyes from the University of Washington, Prof Koudy Williams and Jullie Benington DVM from Wake forest University, Prof Suchinda Malaivijitnon from Chulalongkorn University, Dr Yamato Tsuji From Shensu University, Dr Takeshi Annoura from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Tokyo, Dr Catherine Machalaba, Dr James Desmond from Eco Health Alliance as well as the best speakers from IPB University and pssp themselves such as Prof Dondin Sajuthi, Dr Joko Pamungkas, Dr Huda Darusman, Dr Entang Iskandar and many more. (IAAS/NAS)

Published Date : 13-Oct-2020

Resource Person : Dr drh Huda S Darusman

Keyword : Summer Course, PSSP, LPPM, IPB University, Primate Animals