IPB University’s Young Alumnus Reaches Prestigious Award by World Bank SDGs & Her Competition

Ecofunopoly has been a breakthrough in the field of educative games to introduce the environment to kids. Ecofunopoly was first created by Annisa Hasana, an IPB University alumnus while she was in her 4th semester of Landscape Architecture Department, Faculty of Agriculture in 2009. Annisa created the game with a friend named Namira Andiani.

Thanks to the hard work and desire to create a generation that cares more about the environment, Annisa Hasana as the founder of EcoFun Indonesia reached an award in SDGs & Her Competition hosted by the World Bank (30/9). Annisa was one among 2400 other participants all over the world in this competition. Annisa represented Asia Pacific and competed with 6 other strong contenders from Palestine, Nigeria, Pakistan, Zambia, Greece and Costa Rica.

“I truly feel appreciated and happy knowing my works are acknowledged by the World Bank through this competition. It’s a truly humbling experience knowing there are 2400 other participants and sometimes I feel like I haven’t done that much to contribute. Even though I feel this way, I also feel very motivated to move forward knowing there’s more I can do,” she adds.

Annisa explains that at first she was inspired to create this educative Ecofunopoly game from a restlessness of how society views on the environment and how unappreciative they are like throwing garbage all over the place. This pushed her to bring forward the issue of environments to younger generations through a fun method so that they can learn easier.

“As a kid I always liked playing games, inspiring me to create this board game. We didn’t think we’d ever turn this into a business, but luckily we managed to further bring this into an international level. We started by producing in small numbers, and we slowly scale it up and we managed to collaborate with many other institutions like IFRC, UNESCO, YSEALL, UN Volunteers,” she adds. The business world isn’t always so easy. Ecofun Indonesia has also felt losses due to COVID-19, because Ecofunopoly is a game that’s played by a group of people. Annisa and her team also did adjustments during the pandemic as a provider of online training and workshops using Ecofunopoly.

For Annisa, the international award is an eye opening moment to further develop the business. “We hope that through this international achievement, we can realistically reach a wider audience and further improve the business. Because we’re on survival mode right now, just to keep the cash flow going. We hope that this is an important momentum for Ecofun Indonesia to represent and uphold Indonesia’s name in the international stage,” she closes. (IAAS/RCD)



Published Date : 02-Oct-2020

Resource Person : Annisa Hasanah

Keyword : Ecofunopoly, IPB University Alumni, Business, Annisa Hasanah